Why do people wear blue makeup?

The American Conservatives is pleased to announce the return of its monthly Blue Eyed Girl series, which brings together a group of women from across the country who share their opinions on makeup and fashion.In addition to guest panelists and a new makeup look, the series will feature makeup tips, makeup tutorials, and more, and will feature an all-star cast […]

How to build an eye makeup without makeup

The eyes are the face of our bodies, but makeup can’t cover up our imperfections.There are more than 10,000 different types of makeup, and you can see them all online and in the shops around the world.They’re everywhere.They can make a woman look different, or make a man look different.And they can give your skin a lift.There’s no doubt that […]

Why is a ‘beauty blogger’ in a bikini in an

article?article A beauty blogger in a black bikini was banned from Twitter after she posted an image of herself in a similar bikini.A Twitter spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that the ban was based on “the content of the image and not the user’s physical appearance”.“This content violates our Community Guidelines,” the spokesperson said.“We take these reports very seriously and will […]