What are some of the best natural wedding makeup trends?

In the UK, natural wedding nail polish has been making a comeback, thanks to the popularity of the new beauty brand Butterfly makeup brand.Butterflies nail polish is formulated with a blend of organic oils to deliver a natural-looking, shimmery finish.This new natural-inspired polish was first launched in the UK in the early 2000s and was soon recognised as a success.Butterfly’s […]

How to look your best natural wedding day

Natural makeup has a long history of helping women look like their best natural selves.From the natural makeup tutorials on Cosmopolitan to the more subtle makeup looks at Sephora, it’s safe to say that makeup is part of the beauty equation for women.Whether you’re looking to make up your own natural hair, get the most natural eyeshadow, or go natural […]

What is a makeup step?

Natural beauty products are usually made with water-based ingredients and ingredients that don’t react with other ingredients, such as emulsifiers.When you apply makeup, you apply the liquid to your face and then apply the products to your skin.The makeup will stay on your face for about a minute, after which it will begin to dissolve.However, there are some products that […]