Which makeup looks are the best for your face?

Fenty Beauty, a popular makeup brand, launched the new collection on Tuesday.The collection consists of seven high-end lipsticks and six foundations in various shades.Fenty, which makes high-fashion-inspired beauty products, has also introduced a collection of nail polish and a hair gel line.Here’s how the cosmetics line stacks up against one another.What are the benefits of these high-quality makeup products?Fenty Beauty […]

What do you think of Harley Quinn and the makeup?

The story of the character, who has been a constant presence in comic book lore since her debut in the 1992 comic book “Harley Quinn” #1, was recently revisited by the media with the release of a new trailer for “Suicide Squad.”While many fans have latched onto Harley Quinn’s origin story, others have wondered whether Harley Quinn is actually a […]