When Mary Kay cosmetics founder was the biggest star in the industry, the makeup industry was growing up

When MaryKay cosmetics founder Mary Kay (real name: Elizabeth Kay) founded her eponymous makeup line in 1973, it was the year of the first ever cosmetics sale, according to a profile of the woman by ESPN’s Katie Nolan.That was also the year she first launched her first line of affordable cosmetics, and in the years that followed, she made sure […]

How to Make Eyeshadow Looks With Eye Makeup Storage

What is eye makeup storage?Eyeshadow looks can be stored in a makeup container, in a case or in a bag or purse.This article will show you how to make eye makeup looks look the same every time.Eye makeup looks can look different depending on the makeup storage method used, but the same eye makeup can be used to create different […]

Halloween makeup forever foundation: This new trend has already inspired a whole new line of eye makeup for children

Makeup Forever Foundation is a new trend that is coming to the United States and Canada.It is an innovative line of products that can be used as an everyday foundation, makeup that is made with the most advanced, non-toxic ingredients and products that will help prevent blemishes, pigmentation, sun damage and discoloration, according to the company.The foundation is the first […]