A hooded eyes makeup tutorial

The first thing to do when you buy any new makeup is to try on it.┬áIt can feel like a chore, but the first step is a great way to get a taste of how you look and feel.You need to look and treat yourself with care when you do so.There are many different types of makeup, and there are […]

What is a Grinch makeup sponge?

How does a grinch makeup sponger work?How does the world of makeup come to life in the grinch universe?We’ve all been there, you’re on the train and suddenly there’s this strange feeling.You’re not sure what it is, but the conductor has just come off the platform and there’s a grubby little creature that’s crawling towards you.I was a little bit […]

Which of the six faces are you? Chola makeup and makeup remover

The faces of Chola are often described as beautiful and exotic, with their distinctive features and exotic shapes.But are these people truly exotic?Are they truly exotic because they’re beautiful?Or are they really beautiful because they are exotic?If you ask most people, they’d probably say the former.But as we’ll see in the next two sections, the truth is, there are lots […]

How to dress like a grinch in Halloween makeup looks

You’re going to want to go for the grinch look, as you can see in the photos above.It’s a Halloween look that’s fun and playful, but also a little scary.To do it properly, you’ll need to take advantage of the dark, eerie lighting and dark shadows that will appear when you’re not wearing makeup.To find a good match, you can […]