What are some of the best natural wedding makeup trends?

In the UK, natural wedding nail polish has been making a comeback, thanks to the popularity of the new beauty brand Butterfly makeup brand.Butterflies nail polish is formulated with a blend of organic oils to deliver a natural-looking, shimmery finish.This new natural-inspired polish was first launched in the UK in the early 2000s and was soon recognised as a success.Butterfly’s […]

TechRadars latest giveaway: Tattoo Makeup Near Me

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The best cosplay makeup palette: ‘I can’t wait to wear it!’

The Cosplay Foundation palette from The Cosplayer Foundation.The Cosplayers makeup palette is an affordable, yet versatile makeup palette designed to give you all the options you need to keep your makeup style on point.The foundation has a range of concealer shades to create the perfect look for any occasion.You can even opt for a blush palette or concealer eye palette […]