What do you get when you cross Korean makeup brands? An Asian-inspired line of makeup products

Dior makeup is back in the spotlight with a new line of cosmetics inspired by the Korean makeup brand Korean Makeup, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The line, which includes makeup for Asian women and girls, was created in partnership with Korean cosmetics brand K-Beauty and will be available in the U.S. later this year. 

“The line is part of a larger effort to celebrate Korean culture and heritage and showcase the Korean beauty brand Kbeauty,” the brand’s website states.

“In collaboration with K-beauty, we’ve decided to reimagine the makeup as a full-fledged, Korean-inspired brand.” 

The line includes four colors of makeup and one full-size mascara and eyebrow gel.

“The makeup line will be part of an ongoing campaign to reimagine the makeup brand in the image of K-pop, and also reflect the beauty of Korea’s beauty industry,” a spokesperson for K- Beauty told the WSJ. 

The makeup range includes the Korean Beauty Lipstick (made of “a complex mixture of silk and cotton fiber”), Korean Beauty Eye Shadow (made with “silky and delicate organic oils”), Korean Style Makeup Brushes (made from “gold and copper metallic powders and organic brushes”) and Korean Style Eyeshadow Brush (made out of “gold metal particles”). 

The brand’s cosmetics will also be available at K-Mart stores, K-Pop stores and online through the K-Shop, Kbeauties.com and K-Matching. 

While the line is inspired by Korean makeup, the cosmetics are still based on a variety of other brands.

For example, the Lipstick line has a base of metallic pigments, a cream base that is blended into a gloss and a matte base that goes on the lips. 

According to the WSj, the Korean Make up Cosmetics line will include the Lipsticks of: Korean Beauty Lipsticks (gold), Korean Beauty Eyeshadows (silver), Korean Style Eye Shadows (gold, silver and platinum), Korean Make Up Brushes, Korean Style Faux Lipsticks, Korean Make-up Face Mask, Korean Beauty Liquid Lipstick and Korean MakeUp Eyeshade. 

More from The Wall St. Journal:  Korea: Korea’s makeup brand KKBeauty is back and is partnering with Korean makeup company K-Style to create a line of Korean-styled cosmetics. 

Kbeauty’s cosmetics are available now at Kmart, KPop stores, Korean beauty sites and KBeauty.com. 

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