Walmart makes animal crossing makeup for cats

Walmart makes animal crossing makeup for cats

Walmart is making a product for cats that could help reduce the number of deaths from cross-border trade. 

The brand has released an animal crossing mascara for cats, which it claims will help the animals avoid being caught up in the smuggling trade.

“The mascara was developed to address the health and welfare issues of cats in the wild,” the company said in a statement on its Facebook page.

“It contains a natural ingredient called catnip to reduce the movement of cats across the border into other countries.”

“The catnap, or cat nip, is a highly toxic substance which is not only dangerous for the cats, but can also cause skin irritation, breathing problems, and skin cancer,” the statement said.

“As a result of the lack of controls, the catnaps are often trafficked to other countries and then sold on to humans.”

“We want to do something to help ensure that cats can have the same opportunities as humans to thrive and live healthy lives in their natural habitats.”

The mascara will be available in Wal-Mart’s US stores beginning this week.

“We know that people in the United States and other countries that we serve are very concerned about cats,” the store’s marketing manager, Lisa Stroud, told ABC News.

“But we wanted to be clear that we have a solution that is both effective and affordable.”‘

We just want to get this off our backs’ In a statement to ABC News, Wal-mart said it was committed to “ensuring that animals are treated humanely and safely”.

“The products in this category will not be used for food, pets, cosmetics or for animal breeding,” the brand said. 

“They will be used in a pet-friendly way to help reduce cats’ travel and increase the overall number of animals in our supply chain.”

Walmart’s statement said the mascara will have a shelf life of three months, and that it would be available for purchase online and in stores.

“This is our way of doing something for the animals that are out there, in the field and just trying to survive,” Ms Stroud told ABC.

The statement added that the company would be donating $5,000 to the Cat’s Rescue Foundation, which provides veterinary care and veterinary care services for stray cats and kittens. 

A spokeswoman for Wal-Marts US told ABC Radio Melbourne the product would be “used to help cats in need”.

“Wal-Mart is committed to making products that help cats and pets and that includes all of its products and services,” she said.

The company said it would also donate $2,000 for each purchase of a mascara from one of its stores.

Ms Stroud said she was “very happy” to see the product make it to the shelves.

“I’m really happy because this is an amazing product, I have seen a lot of the stuff in my field and in my home and it has really helped,” she told ABC radio.

“To see this get on to the shelf and I can use it, I’m really pleased.”

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