Woman gets face powder from makeup artist

Woman gets face powder from makeup artist

A woman in New York City was stunned when she saw her makeup artist spray a makeup product onto her face.

She told The Jerusalem Press that the makeup artist, who asked not to be named, told her that the products were meant to brighten her complexion and improve her appearance.

The woman, who was visiting a friend in Manhattan, was shocked when she found the makeup product on her face when she arrived at the salon, and said she did not even notice the spray.

“She was like, ‘Oh, you’re crazy,'” she said.

“Then I realized I had to ask her to stop.”

The woman said she was upset that the product was sprayed on her skin without her knowledge.

“I’m not a makeup artist,” she said, “but I know that they are meant to improve my complexion and the way my face looks.”

The salon was open Monday through Thursday, and the makeup was not tested on the customer.

“This is a brand that people should be buying, and I have no problem with it,” said the woman.

“People should not be spraying makeup on themselves.”

The artist who sprayed the product, who has since quit his job, said he didn’t realize the product could cause allergic reactions.

“They were meant for a different product, which is makeup,” he said.

The artist also said that his previous customers who used the products complained of irritation, which led to the apology.

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