Why werewolf makeup is the new face cream?

Why werewolf makeup is the new face cream?

Posted by WSJ on February 11, 2018 08:02:47The trend of makeup-free, pale-skinned children is gaining momentum.

While children are still wearing makeup, there is a growing demand for products that give them a more natural appearance, said Lauren Haddad, an assistant professor at the University of Southern California and the author of the book The Color of Skin: A New Face to Make Kids Look Younger.

Kids are becoming more aware of their natural skin tone, she said. 

The trend is also coming at a time when cosmetics companies are trying to appeal to younger consumers who want to be a part of the trend.

The first generation of children to buy products online and buy from brick-and-mortar stores, said Elizabeth Miller, an associate professor of communication at California State University, Sacramento.

“They want to have a fun and creative look that is their own,” she said, adding that these younger consumers also may not have had time to read up on the cosmetics industry and the importance of skin care. 

In recent years, more parents are embracing makeup-less children, said Melissa Hark, executive director of the National Foundation for Children. 

“They want a more relaxed approach to skin care,” she added.

Hark said parents are starting to embrace the natural look.

“We’ve gotten to a point where parents are buying products that are natural-looking,” she told Reuters Health.

“If you look at the makeup trend in general, we’re seeing more parents and more moms and more men embracing natural skin.”

Miller said that the more children are being exposed to natural skin, the more they want to embrace it. 

More parents are also embracing products that make them look younger, said Hark.

“Kids want to look like their own age,” she noted.

“It is important for parents to be part of that.”

Miller added that parents who have children with other skin types, such as fair-skinned, brown-skinned and red-skinned people, are more comfortable with the natural skin look.

Haddad said she sees children who are naturally pale-looking, like her own two children, who are also both children of color. 

A woman in her 20s, Haddade said, is particularly excited about the trend, and her daughter is excited to start wearing makeup.

She said that parents often get the message that makeup can only be a natural look if it is for everyone. 

Haddade’s research shows that while there are a lot of natural products available, a lot are too pricey and too expensive for most families.

“People are very reluctant to spend money on products,” Haddada said.

“A lot of parents are afraid that the product will be too expensive or too long-lasting.”

The number of products marketed to children with pale skin has grown dramatically in the last decade, she added, with the popularity of “natural” and “light skin” makeup products. 

Natural products are often formulated with ingredients that are less harmful to children, such soaps and scrubs, according to the National Association of Dermatologists. 

Although the majority of children are not naturally pale, the percentage of children who have fair or light skin is increasing, according the American Academy of Dermalology. 

Skin tone is determined by your genes, said Dr. John A. Biederman, the director of dermatology at Johns Hopkins University.

“Skin color is not destiny,” he said.

Children who have brown skin or dark skin are more likely to have red, hazel or dark hair, he added.

Skin color also is affected by the amount of melanin, which is found in the skin.

It is not a bad thing if you are naturally fair-complexioned, Biedermans said, because darker skin will give your skin more color.

“The reason is you have more melanin in your skin,” he explained.

“When you are light-skinned you are less likely to get the brown pigment.”

“The reason that we do not see a lot in the studies that look at children’s skin is because the skin is more sensitive,” Miller said.

The amount of skin pigment in the outer layer of the epidermis is the “skin tone gene.”

If your skin is not naturally fair or dark, it is most likely due to other factors, such the type of sun exposure, your skin’s ability to absorb UVB and other factors.

A baby can be exposed to the sun during the first few months of life, Miller said, so a baby can have a different skin tone than an adult.

If a baby is naturally pale and the child is not, it could be because of skin cancer, she explained.

Haddada’s research also shows that children who do not have brown or dark-skinned skin, or whose skin is naturally dark-complexed, tend to have skin pigmentation and less melanin.

Children who are too pale

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