Which makeup brands are making a splash in 2018?

Which makeup brands are making a splash in 2018?

Fashion designer Laura Mulcahy, who is currently starring in the HBO drama “Westworld,” recently shared a few more products that are on the horizon.

In addition to the maskcara, Mulcachys makeup is on the way for the season.

She revealed the latest products on Instagram.

“I have the mask, and I have the eyeliner and I’ve got the mascara,” Mulcaha said in a caption.

“This will be available in January.” 

The new mask is the newest addition to Mulcagas collection and comes with a sleek design that is reminiscent of the Dolce & Lavender shades from the series.

It’s a $30.99, $50.99 and $70.99 item, which will be exclusive to Mulcos products on launch day. 

Mulcahys makeup line also includes a variety of products for different skin tones.

“All of these products are so different,” Mulcia told Business Insider.

“There’s the mask with a matte finish, which is not what you want on your lips.

There’s the eye shadow with an extra little bit of sparkle, which I love.

And then there’s the bronzer with the powdery effect.” 

Mulsky said she is always looking for new products to add to her lineup, but she said she wants to keep adding to her already-crowded cosmetics line.

“When you have so many people talking about makeup, it’s easy to get overwhelmed,” Mulcias makeup line said in its official press release.

I think we have a really solid line of products, but I don’t want to say that we’re done yet.” “

We’ve had a lot of people ask me, ‘Do you guys have a product for the new season?’

I think we have a really solid line of products, but I don’t want to say that we’re done yet.” 

One of Mulcaghys most popular products, a cream with a powdery-feeling powder, is available in limited quantities on launch Day. 

“The formula is fantastic and I love it,” Mulccahys beauty director, Riley, told BusinessInsider.

“It has a nice, fluffy, powdery texture that has a lovely sparkle to it.” 

“We are so excited to be able to offer a line of our signature products in this season, but we need to keep it affordable so we can give you as much of this amazing product as we can,” Mullcahydy said.

“A lot of this is all hand-made and we’re making it to get the most bang for your buck.” 

With a lineup of 20+ new products, Mulciahys will be launching a range of beauty accessories, as well. 

These include mask, makeup, nail polish, mascara, foundation, blush, lipgloss, and lip gloss shade. 

For more information on the new season of Westworld, check out Business Insider’s season review.

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