When You’re Going to Be A Free Makeup Artist

When You’re Going to Be A Free Makeup Artist

The beauty industry is the world’s most diverse, and it’s also one of the most underrepresented.

This is true, but in 2017, the makeup industry has been so dominated by white women and men, who have the privilege of owning the best makeup brands and best brands, that they’ve failed to inspire any women of color.

In a perfect world, we’d all be making money off of the makeup that we wear, and all of us could be earning the same amount as the people who make our clothes and shoes.

But this isn’t a perfect reality.

When it comes to getting paid for your work, makeup artists and makeup brands have long been held back by the idea that it’s not their job to be paid, and the reality is that the vast majority of makeup is not free.

In fact, it’s often not even available for sale.

Here are five of the top makeup brands to try, with some of the best-loved brands offering a little something extra to make the process easier for your makeup routine.


Brows are a natural part of makeup, but they’re not always the most affordable option.

 If you’re looking to find a product that’s a little more affordable, here are some great options: Breeze Makeup ($3 for 12 shades, $10 for a full size), Mascara ( $3.99 for 2-piece set, $9.99 per set) Astrolux ( $4 for 16 shades, or $14.99 with 4-piece sets) L’Oreal ColorStay Matte ( $5 for 16 or 64 shades, depending on size) Urban Decay (starting at $10.99) TheBalm (Starting at $13.99, or full size)

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