‘The Bachelor’ season finale airs on Fox Sports 1

‘The Bachelor’ season finale airs on Fox Sports 1

FOX Sports 1 has revealed the winner of the Season 10 Bachelorette Beauty and Makeup Contest, as well as the winners of the Makeup Steps competition.

The Season 10 Beauty and MAKEUP Contest was a beauty competition that had been running for more than five years, with contestants battling it out for $500 in cash prizes.

This year’s competition had a new twist to it, with a contestant who was in the final season winning $1,000, a new Makeup Step prize of $500, and a $500 Makeup Prize.

For the Make Up Step, the contestants had to create a makeup look that would blend in with the skin of their skin.

For the Beauty Contest, contestants had an hour to make sure their makeup looked perfect, as opposed to a five-minute makeup look.

The winner of this beauty competition, which aired on Thursday night, was Rachel Blais.

Rachel won $500 for her work, as she blended her makeup into her natural complexion.

The Makeup Challenge had an additional twist this year.

The contestants had three minutes to apply their makeup, and the winner would win $1.25.

For The Make Up Contest, Rachel Blissey was the finalist.

Blais made a perfect application for her makeup, blending it in with her skin.

The winners of this makeup challenge, which was aired on Wednesday night, were Lachlan Maranta and Jodie Holmes.

Jodies makeup was perfect, blending perfectly with her natural skin.

Jodie was crowned the Make up Winner, with $1 for her successful application.

For Beauty Contest winners, there was one new twist.

The judges had to wear a wig, and each contestant had to choose one of four different types of makeup, from blush to lip, and blend them into the skin.

They had to be able to blend each makeup type with a single swipe of the brush, or the contestant would be disqualified.

For lipsticks, the judges had four choices, which were the following: blush, lipstick, lipstick with powder, and lipstick with lip.

For blush, the judge had to use their fingers to blend a thin layer of the blush, which then blended onto the lip.

For Make Up, there were four choices for each contestant.

Blays lip, blush, lip with powder and lipstick.

For lips, the contestant had four options, which included a blush, a lip with lip, a blush with lip and a lip without powder.

For more on the ‘Bachelor’ season, watch the video above.

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