‘Makeup Holder’ is a ‘gorgeous’ product for the mother who needs to highlight her skin

‘Makeup Holder’ is a ‘gorgeous’ product for the mother who needs to highlight her skin

From the outside, this look is almost exactly like the ‘beauty’ you might see on Instagram, but it’s actually made up of six different products.

The product is called ‘Morticia Addams’ and is described as “the most affordable, professional-grade skin care and makeup accessory ever created”.

It comes with a sponge that can be used for powdering and a brush for applying concealer, but the product can be adjusted to your own personal needs and looks. 

The product was created by a young mother who works at a charity called  Maternity Charity.

Her son, 18-year-old Jacob, has autism and needs to be kept safe from germs, so she has bought  $100 worth of Maternity products, including  Mettlestool  and  Mums Makeup. 

It’s a cute product, but is the perfect ‘gorging’ and ‘glamouring’ accessory for her daughter, who needs a little extra help to highlight his skin.

The sponge can be washed off in the sink and then used to make a powder to apply concealer or a powder brush for powder-free highlighting.

It’s a lovely product, and the look is definitely worth the cost, but for a mother who’s trying to get her daughter the best possible start in life, it’s definitely worth investing in a makeup accessory. 

Read more on  The Telegraph:  Mature mother to look after her autistic son in the UK

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