Why is a ‘beauty blogger’ in a bikini in an

Why is a ‘beauty blogger’ in a bikini in an


article A beauty blogger in a black bikini was banned from Twitter after she posted an image of herself in a similar bikini.

A Twitter spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that the ban was based on “the content of the image and not the user’s physical appearance”.

“This content violates our Community Guidelines,” the spokesperson said.

“We take these reports very seriously and will investigate further.”

The spokesperson said that “a Twitter user is not allowed to engage in harassment, violence, threats, hate speech or bullying”.

The spokesperson added that “it is important to note that we do not tolerate harassment, bullying or abuse on Twitter”.

A Twitter user in a purple bikini, left, and a Twitter user wearing a blue bikini, right, are seen in a photo posted on November 8, 2017, on Twitter.

A spokesperson for the company said the bans were based on the content of images posted.

The spokesperson did not comment on the validity of the user in the black bikini, who has since been banned from the company.

The ban comes after the company was criticised for its recent ban on the ‘nude’ model Jazmine Sullivan.

Sullivan has since left Twitter after a Twitter ban on her.

She has been accused of posting racist comments and threatening to ‘disappear’ if she wasn’t removed from Twitter.

Sullivan’s Instagram account is no longer active.

“Jazmine is an American model who was recently banned from Instagram for racist comments,” said a statement posted on Twitter by Twitter’s Community Guidelines team.

“She has never threatened anyone, and we’ve never had any reason to believe she was doing so.

The account was not deleted.”

A Twitter representative told BuzzFeed, “Jazmin Sullivan was never a part of the Twitter community and has never posted a threat of violence or harassment against anyone.”

In December 2017, Twitter suspended the account of an anonymous female model, after she was accused of threatening to “disappearing” if she was not allowed back in the social media platform.

Twitter’s Community Rules say that users “may not harass, abuse, bully or threaten other users, members of staff or other members of the public”.

A statement posted by Twitter in response to the suspension of the account reads: “We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment, abuse and bullying on Twitter and we take this matter extremely seriously.

If you see anyone violating this policy, we take the matter very seriously.

You can report violations to Twitter at [email protected] or [email protected]

We have worked hard to improve our tools to help us detect and stop abuse and harassment, and have made a lot of progress over the past year.”

A spokesperson said, “We’re constantly reviewing our policies and processes to ensure they are working for our users.

We also take these issues very seriously.”

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