‘My mom has bipolar’: Mother of autistic boy shares photos of herself with makeup

‘My mom has bipolar’: Mother of autistic boy shares photos of herself with makeup

My mom has autism and she has been on medication for years, so it has been quite a struggle for her to keep up with the latest trends in makeup.

She says she’s gotten quite a few requests from her daughter, which was a bit surprising.

“I don’t really think there are many girls in my situation who have been with their mom for so long,” she said.

It has also been quite an adjustment for her when it comes to socializing.

When she started seeing her son, her son would go to the gym to do his homework, but she says his social anxiety and other issues started to take a toll.

My mom says she wants her son to have the same type of life as her.

“[My son] is on medication, but he’s a very happy, happy, well-adjusted young man,” she explained.

“He has a great time and he likes to go to his school and play football.

But now it’s just like, oh my God, I have to wear a mask.”

She said her son is now starting to look different, but has also started wearing makeup.

“His mom has been getting so much more confident in her appearance,” she added.

The mother-daughter duo has been using makeup to mask her son’s facial hair since he was about five years old, she said, and it is starting to pay off.

Her daughter said she’s found that when she puts on makeup she can make it more difficult for her son not to recognize her as her mother, and she is starting be more outgoing around her.

“He’s a really kind kid,” she recalled.

“And it’s really nice to see that his mother has gotten a little bit more confident about herself.”

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