How to Make Your Own Fox Eyes

How to Make Your Own Fox Eyes

How to make your own Fox Eyes makeup bag organizer!

I love that this tutorial has no photos.

The tutorial includes a few step-by-step photos, but I’ve used a few different techniques to get the look I’m after.

The first method is to grab your makeup bag, cut it into three equal pieces, and put them in a baggie liner.

I prefer this method because it makes for easier cleanup and easier removal of makeup.

Next, put the baggie into the liner of your makeup kit.

This way, if you forget to close it up, you’ll be able to get it all out of there and back into your makeup. 

Next, grab your eyeliner brush and lightly brush your lashes.

Use the brush to create a smooth, pigmented line.

Next you want to get your eyeshadow brush, and use it to create an even, even line.

You’ll want to go up a little bit with each lash line, because your eyelashes need to be super-smooth.

Next, use your brush to lightly highlight the upper lash line.

This will create a more defined look.

I used a small black shadow to highlight the middle of the lash line for the eyes. 

Finally, brush your eyebrows with the same black shadow.

Make sure to get a little more of your eyes as your brows will need to come out more than your lower lashes.

This is because the brows are thicker on the lower lash line than on the upper one. 

Lastly, brush the outer lash line with the black shadow and mascara.

This creates a thick line on the outer part of your eye.

I used this technique to make this look, which is what I was going for.

Next up, use a small eye shadow brush and highlight the outer corner of your eyelid.

This means you’ll want your lashes to be curled up and you’ll need to go a little deeper than you normally would.

Make it look like your eyelids are getting longer, which will create an amazing, long-lasting, and natural looking lash line! 

This is my eyeshade eyeliner, which I’m using for the brow lines. 

To finish off the look, use the eyeliner brushes to create the desired eye makeup effect.

To add a little extra shine to your eyes, use mascara to create that extra definition.

I love this look because it adds a nice dose of depth and texture. 

After you have all your makeup done, you can throw on some mascara and eyeshades, but make sure to put it in the baggies.

Don’t forget to keep your makeup in the bags, because you’re going to need it later on.

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