Beetle Juice, Patrick Star Makeup Artist Defends ‘Dazzling’ Makeup Looks

Beetle Juice, Patrick Star Makeup Artist Defends ‘Dazzling’ Makeup Looks

This month, the fashion industry is a hotbed of new trends, and makeup artist Patrick Star has some ideas about how to make that trend seem more sophisticated and chic.

In a feature for The Wall St. Journal, Star, who is based in New York, says she’s become a fashion “tourist.”

Heather Mims / Getty Images For example, he’s worked with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Naomi Campbell and Chanel, and also teamed with the fashion house Burberry.

He says his goal is to create new styles and new ideas that “add some sophistication and sparkle to the fashion world.”

He recently collaborated with the brand’s new collection with BHLDN, which features two new silhouettes.

The first features a full-body, full-face mask, which Star says is “like a new mask.”

The other is a more “flattering” full- face mask, with an eye mask.

“I don’t like to say it’s a gimmick, but it’s just a new look,” he said.

“The way you’ll see me doing that is I’ll go into a store and I’ll just do a look for a day, and then I’ll have a few hours and then go back to the store.

And then I do a new one.”

The BHLND mask is “the one that is the most flaunting, because it’s kind of like, ‘Oh my god, that is what I have to wear.'”

The idea for the “glossy, glossy, and sparkly” full face mask came about in the summer of 2017, when Star saw the brand wear an unusual look in a BHLN runway show in New Orleans.

The look is called “BHLDN,” a reference to the BHL Network, a streaming service that allows subscribers to watch the shows they like on-demand.

(BHLN is owned by Viacom, which is owned By Disney.)

“It was really a very bold statement,” Star said.

Star added that BHLRN is also the brand name of a makeup brand that was featured in the new BHLD line.

“They have a whole collection called ‘BHLD,'” he said, referring to the brand.

“And it’s like, what do you do?

Do you have a full face that is super glossy and glittery and a lot of sparkle and glamor?

Then you have BHLDD.”

The full-bust, full face makeup, the first line in BHLDs new line, is currently available on the brand website, and the company says it’s in its “final stages of testing” and expects it to go on sale to the public in the coming months.

But Star says he has no plans to change his look for the launch of the line.

He also said he’s “not worried” about people being offended by his look.

“Because, you know, I’m not trying to be offensive.

I just want people to have a little fun and enjoy themselves,” he explained.

“So, I mean, I think we have to go with what we want to do, and just try to have fun with it.”

Star also told the Journal that the new line’s look is “not going to make the cut” for the first BHLMD, which launched last month.

But he said he was “really excited” to unveil the line at the Vanity Fair Fashion Week show last week.

“We’re kind of at the beginning of the BHMD, so I think that I’ll be seeing that in a couple of months,” he added.

Star said he hasn’t had any issues with his work with BHD and says he’s not sure what’s next.

He said he has his eye on collaborating with other brands, but that he’s just focused on what he wants to do and “I’m not thinking about anything else.”

(Star’s brand was not included in the first launch.)

In his feature, Star also said his goal was to create a new style and new possibilities for the fashion, “a new, fresh look, that’s different from what’s on the market right now.”

For example: “I love wearing a boho look.”

And, he said “I can do this in a day.

I can wear it to work.

I love working in the morning.”

“I think it’s going to be a very exciting time,” he continued.

“For me, it’s been a lot about the process of creating and trying to make something different.

And I’m happy with what I’ve been able to do with BHS, but what I’m really excited about is what we’ll do with the BHS line.”

He added that he hopes “the brand can become a little more of a brand.”

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