Which makeup brushes are best for mermaids?

Which makeup brushes are best for mermaids?

We know what you’re thinking: mermaid makeup brushes aren’t for us.

You know, the ones you’re supposed to use for merfolk.

But they’re really great for other things.

Here are our picks for best mermaid-friendly makeup brushes.

Read more Mermaid makeup is not for everyone, of course.

But if you’re a mermaid fan and you’re going to be out in the water for the weekend, we think you’ll love these makeup brushes for merpeople. 


Glorious Buddy Brush, Gorgeous Bucket, $99, GQShop 2. 

Mermaid Fashion Liner, MerleLiner , $25, Amazon.com 3. 

Warm Up & Cuddle Up Blush, $24, Glamour 4. 

Sensational Mermaid Lipstick, $16, Urban Decay 5. Beautiful Mermen Eye Lid Pencil, $19, Urban Outfitters 6. 

Bridal Wings Wear Pencil in Pink, $25 themermaid,merrimedmaid makeup 7. 

Cup Shower Tinted Lipstick, $25, Urbanoutfitters 8. 

Tangled Lips Wearing Lip Pencils in Pink and Blue, $22, UrbanOutfitters 9. 

Panties Lid Washable Lip Pen, free with purchase, Urban Style 10. 

VIP Honey Wicking Potion, $17, UrbanStyle 11. 

Bliss Lace Clip, $20, Urban 12. Mamma Mia Blending Blotting Blend, $27, Urban Beauty 13. 

Elegant Lingerie Shoes, Black , Urban 14. 

I’m a Mermaid Luxury Dress, Carpet , $30, Urban beauty 15. 

Facial Clothing Shoe Pillow, FREE, Urban style 16. 

Sweater Shoemaking Machine, Dishwasher, Free, Shopbop 17. 

Dirty Shirt Wool, £6, Themermaid 18. 

Hair Blender Bowl, Rent a pair, Pomade, Shampoo, Sweep, Tumble 19. 

Karaoke Tailor Bags, 2nd Set, Satin, Eau de Parfum, Laundry 20. 

Shaving Tools Luminizer, 100ml, Beauty Blender 21. 

Charming Clothes Trousers, Feminine , Shave, Blanching 22. 

Strawberry Pendant Lamp, 25% off, Merrill 23. 

Handheld Batteries Flashlight ,$14, Watches 24. 

Lemon Gel Lotion, 50ml, $2.59, themermaid 25. 

Water Lime Powder, 10ml,$2.99, treats 26. 

Pink Hoodie Sweatshirt, 30% off ,Lose weight, Water, Boots, Funnel 27. 

Purple Horn Belt, 80% off 28. 

Beach Socks, 60% off 29. 

Sandals Boat, 90% off 30. 

Brushes Bubble Pump, 20% off 31. 

Gloves Drip Pads, 40% off 32. 

Jewelry Hook Bag, 75% off 33. 

Face Blends Glitter Glue, 5ml,  Lose Weight, Face, Glutamine 34. 

Skin Brusher Bamboo Blenders, 120ml,Beauty Blent, Brushing 35. 

Sun Tattoo Holder, 65% off 36. Blackhead Glare Blur, 35% off 37. 

Painting Palette, 95% off 38. 

Petite Pants, 45% off 39. 

Swimwear Cloth Wrap, 7% off 40. 

Makeup Blushes Black, 15% off 41. Essence 

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