When ‘Star Wars’ fans get their makeup on: A history of ‘Star Trek’ makeup

When ‘Star Wars’ fans get their makeup on: A history of ‘Star Trek’ makeup

When Star Wars fans were getting their makeup done at Comic-Con in 2013, they were being treated to a very different experience than when it was first released in 1977.

For the first time, makeup was being made with a prosthetic eye.

And the first Star Wars makeup was made with the help of a prosthesis.

The movie was set in the year 2 BBY.

And, according to Star Wars Insider, makeup artist Mark Hamill had to use an eye prosthesis that he created to get the look of Luke Skywalker.

As the makeup artist for the movie, Hamill was tasked with getting the look right, so the prosthesis had to work very well to replicate the look, according the blog Star Wars.

The prosthetic had to be extremely precise, with no imperfections in the design.

In the case of the mask, it had to look almost identical to the mask of a real eye.

The mask had to make the wearer look like a starfighter pilot, so it was impossible for the mask to be too wide, Hamills said.

The makeup artist also had to design a mask that would look natural to the wearer’s face, and also give a realistic look.

Hamill said the mask was created using “very fine details that you wouldn’t normally see,” including a tiny slit in the mask.

“That mask, and the other ones we made, it was designed to look like the real eye prosthetic, and it was so intricate and accurate, it almost looked like the eye was being sculpted into the face,” Hamill told Star Wars: Insider in 2015.

“The way the mask’s going to look in real life, it’s going, ‘Oh, you know what?

This is how I think I look, I think this is how this looks like.

This is the way I think it looks.'”

That’s not to say it wasn’t real.

Hamills had to put a tiny hole in his eye prostheses eye for it to look as if he was looking in real-world glasses, but he did it.

The first Star War mask, for example, had a slit in it so that when the wearer wore the mask they could see his face through it, and he had to get creative with the placement of the eye prosthetics, Hamilly said.

“I was able to use a prosthetics that I had on my hands, and they just didn’t work, because they were just so tight, and I could never make it look right,” Hamills told Star War Insider.

“But I did it, so I was able do it.”

The next step was getting the mask made to look natural.

Hamilla had to go back to the drawing board.

“My mind was really in the past,” Hamilla told StarWars Insider.

He had no idea what the new look would look like, and even though he was inspired by real-life Star Wars masks, the new mask was going to have to look better.

Hamill told the Star Wars Celebration convention that the new makeup was designed for the actor to look at, so he had a little bit of a mask on, so when the actor wore the new costume he could see the mask through the mask and see what was going on inside the mask.

“The first time I actually saw the real Star Wars mask, I just had to hold my breath, because I had to feel the real eyes,” Hamilly told the crowd.

“And, the way the eyes were sculpted was so precise, and so accurate, that I just couldn’t tell you the details of it.”

But Hamill didn’t stop there.

He wanted to get a little more realistic, so in the movie he had the actor stand behind a fake mask and he put a few strands of his own hair in the eyes and then he made them come out in different ways.

“I made it look like his eye socket was poking out of his forehead,” Hamilling said.

Hamills added that the mask had been created using a lot of detail.

“It was really intricate and precise, so there was a lot to go into it,” he said.

The makeup artist used the real-time video editing system to make sure the mask looked realistic.

“That’s a lot more complicated than you’d normally think, but it’s really cool that he did that, because it’s so close to the actual eye that I think that’s where I think the eye is, and how it works,” Hamili said.

Hamili also used a light-emitting diode (LED) projector to light up the mask so that the eyes of the actor could be clearly seen through it.

“So that it looked like he was a real person,” Hamil said.

When asked if he thinks the mask looks realistic, Hamilling laughed.

“Yes,” he told the audience.

“Because the eye itself is so detailed, it looks like that eye is actually being

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