What you need to know about witch makeup

What you need to know about witch makeup

What do you need if you want to make up like a witch?

Well, you probably need makeup for the whole family, especially if you are a kid, or a teenager, or have some kind of allergy.

But if you aren’t a witch, you can use some makeup for yourself or someone else.

It’s all about the shades, the formulas and the colours.

We have picked out 10 best witch makeup brands that are good for everyone.

If you are looking for the perfect shade of red, try these.

There are so many of them!

Some are super expensive and some are really easy to apply.

But they’re all worth it. 


Mizon – All Day Skin Care: This is a pretty straightforward mascara.

You apply it with a wand, then it dries and you apply your desired colour.

If it’s dark red, it’ll last all day.

If dark blue, you could add a little more blue.

It has a soft, silky texture and it’s really easy for you to use.

I find it to be a bit difficult to apply to my skin and even harder to remove.

If the brush has a bristly tip, it can be tricky to get the product to stick.

But for the most part, this is a great mascara for everyday use. 


Benefit – Makeup Remover: This brand has a ton of great products, including lip and cheek balm, lotion and hair colour, mascara and even makeup brushes. 


Becca – Make Up Remover Mascara: This mascara is a very effective, light, pigmented mascara, which you can apply on top of your mascara and on top and underneath your lashes.

It does a good job of lifting your lashes, but the brush is quite clumpy. 


NARS – Mascarones: I like to use these, especially when I want a really dark brown look.

They’re easy to blend and they do a good amount of lift. 


Nars – Make up Remover Eye Pencils: These pencils are great for highlighting and highlighting, but you can also use them to add a nice touch to your eyelashes. 


MAC – Make-up Removers: These are a good mascara and a great eyeliner brush, so I don’t mind using them for the eyes too. 


MAC – MakeUp Removers Eye Penilions: These eyeliner pens are pretty easy to use, but I find them a bit clumpy when applied, so they tend to dry out my eyes. 


Nivea – MakeUP Remover Face Oil: This face oil is a light, smooth, lightweight, natural oil that is great for dry, sensitive skin.

It also gives a nice shine. 


Nude Couture – Make UP Remover Makeup Brushes: This makeup brush is a good way to get a brushful of products in your hand and get them all mixed and ready to go. 


Benefit Cosmetics – Make Me Shine!

Cosmetics: This makes for a great, easy-to-use foundation and blush, and it has a lot of highlighter shades. 


Curl Me Beauty – Make Your Makeup Look Like a Witch: This mask is also a great foundation and a good primer. 


Revlon – Make it Mine!

Makeup: This powder is a fantastic product that you can mix to create a variety of different masks. 


Naked & Famous – Make It Me Shine: This eye pencil is a really nice, easy to wear powder that makes a great eye shadow. 


Benefit Make Up – Make Masks: You’ll find a lot to love about this product, including a lot more product than other Make Up brands. 


Sephora – Make Yourself Look Like A Witch: I think this mascara is amazing, especially for kids.

It helps you get that extra lift and gives you that little bit of extra volume without the need for an eyelash curler. 


Bespoke Beauty – The Mascare Collection: This product is really a great option if you don’t have a lot, but it is pricey.

I like the Mascour Collection for the formula, but if you have a bit more money, you’ll want to check out the  Sephoral Beauty  or  Lancome Makeup Collection. 


Lipsticks – MAC – Lip Colour Collection: If you like lipstick, you’re going to love the Lip Colour collection.

They have some great, long-lasting lipsticks. 


Neutrogena – Make My Day: This moisturiser is great to use on your skin when it’s dry and sensitive. 


Nairi – Make Her Look Like You: This make up primer is great if you like to

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