What do you think of Harley Quinn and the makeup?

What do you think of Harley Quinn and the makeup?

The story of the character, who has been a constant presence in comic book lore since her debut in the 1992 comic book “Harley Quinn” #1, was recently revisited by the media with the release of a new trailer for “Suicide Squad.”

While many fans have latched onto Harley Quinn’s origin story, others have wondered whether Harley Quinn is actually a villain.

“We don’t know if Harley is actually the bad guy,” producer Jeph Loeb said in a recent interview.

“We know she’s a young woman with some issues.”

Loeb has said that Harley’s origins have changed in the years since “Harly Quinn” came out, but he hasn’t elaborated on what those changes were.

Loeb told IGN last year that the story of Harley was a “pretty complex story,” and the movie, he said, “will probably take a little while to get through.”

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