Makeup Artist Kim Kardashians ‘Kim Kardasha’ and ‘Mila’ are on a mission to make everyone smile.

Makeup Artist Kim Kardashians ‘Kim Kardasha’ and ‘Mila’ are on a mission to make everyone smile.

Kim Kardsashian is a makeup artist and author of the books, Maleficent, a children’s book about a mythical creature from fairy tales, and the Maleficiaries: An Illustrated Guide to Making Kids Laugh and Think, which is available as a free eBook on her website.

In her blog, Kardsasha is writing about her career and life as a makeup creator.

She writes that she was inspired by the fact that her friends and family are always talking about how great it is to be a makeup designer.

But when she was working as a writer, she realized that she couldn’t do it all.

“I felt like I was making a bad choice.

I felt like my life would never be as fun as it should be, and I wasn’t living up to my own values,” Kardsas says.

Kardsashes is now an author and artist who is known for her books and books of her own.

She’s also known for making her own makeup and is an expert in how to apply makeup.

She started by using a clay brush, and later added a spray of liquid eyeliner to her makeup.

Her approach to her books is to let your creativity shine.

“It’s not really about having an easy process, it’s about having the freedom to experiment and make whatever your own ideas are,” she says.

When she first started making her books, she worked from home, making her bookshop her workspace.

She says she wanted to give back to the community and to inspire others.

She began writing her books for free and has since expanded her scope of works to include more and more books.

She hopes that her books will help other people who are struggling with their own mental health and/or physical health issues, which can be difficult to discuss.

“The main message of my books is that they can be very empowering, they can help you find answers to your own questions,” she explains.

“When you’re feeling alone, you may not have the knowledge to answer your own question or to ask others to help you understand, but when you have that community around you, there are people who can help.”

Kardsays books and services are available online and in bookstores.

For more information about her books check out her website or read her blog.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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