How to make your makeup look like your favorite 80s character

How to make your makeup look like your favorite 80s character

When I was growing up, my parents would buy me makeup and makeup every time they came over for dinner.

My mom had a small collection of makeup products from the 80s and 90s, which I would then buy with my dad and mom.

I loved the look of the old-school looks.

My dad loved the new-school, vintage-inspired looks of the 80’s, and I loved them too.

But I’m always surprised when I go back to the 80-90s and find my dad still has all the makeup in his closet.

This post explains how to make those old-timey look-alikes look just like the characters they came from.

The makeup I’m about to show you can also look like some of my favorite 80-year-old makeup looks, too.

A look like the ’80s characters.

My dad always had the ’90s-inspired makeup.

Here’s a look like his.

As you can see, the lipstick in the bottom is really pretty and has a hint of purple.

I’ve always loved the ’70s and ’80ies.

The lipsticks I got from my dad.

I was just like, I’ve gotta get more old-style lipsticks.

I love this.

But then, I remember a few things.

One, my dad’s makeup is a bit pricey.

Two, he didn’t really make a lot of money.

Three, he never really wore anything too bold.

So when I saw a few makeup items that looked like 80s characters, I wanted to emulate that look.

And it’s not as hard as it sounds.

Here’s how: Makeup artist Kristy Tabor created a palette of lipsticks and lipsticks-like products that look like classic 80s makeup.

(Kirsty Taber/Courtesy Kristy-Tabor) I bought a few lipsticks from her online store.

These are the ones I like the most.

My makeup artist Kristi Tabor also created a line of lip products for me to try out.

I also bought a couple of lip-safe lipsticks, but those are just too expensive.

Here are the products that I purchased from her: My first lipstick that I bought was a matte black lip that’s supposed to be a little bit dark.

This is a matte lipstick from the 90s.

It’s really dark, but I love how it’s a little more sheer than the rest of the shades.

It’s also very wearable, so I’m looking forward to wearing it in the future.

These lipsticks are great.

Next up, I tried out a couple lipsticks that are more shimmery and more shimmer-like.

These colors are more matte than matte and have a shimmery sheen to them.

And the best part?

These shades look great on!

I’m a big fan of shimmery lipsticks in general, so this is a perfect match for me.

So that’s my first lipstick, and now I’ve got a new palette full of shades that I really like.

But this isn’t my first foray into makeup, either.

My parents had a great line of vintage makeup that I was always fascinated with, so we decided to buy a few of the products and get a good feel for how they worked.

Kristi Taber is a makeup artist and a makeup stylist based in New York City.

She’s also a mom to three beautiful boys.

I reached out to Kristi through her Instagram account for some makeup advice.

She answered a few questions and shared a few tips.

You can see Kristi’s entire Instagram profile here.

You may have noticed a few similarities between the products we bought and the vintage-era makeup Kristi created.

We’re hoping that these vintage-looking products look even better in the coming months.

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