“Zendaya” star’s makeup mirror fiasco sparks a backlash

“Zendaya” star’s makeup mirror fiasco sparks a backlash

Zendaya, the pop star who once wore makeup to the Grammy Awards, has been accused of not wearing makeup on the red carpet after a backlash from fans and fans of other famous faces.

Zendayas Instagram post on Tuesday announcing the new look, titled “ZENGA LAUGHS, ZENDAYA STANDS OFF WITH HER NEW LOOK,” was shared more than 1.2 million times in less than two hours.

The video features a red carpet look with Zendayes makeup mirror set up behind her and the caption “ZENDAYAS NEW LOOK.”

However, after the video was shared, Zendays Instagram account was deleted and a video of her wearing a black eye makeup tutorial appeared on YouTube.

“She is not wearing a mask on the RED CARPET,” a video titled “How to Make Her Looks Less Scary” said.

“Zendiayas new look was supposed to be a fun look, but she looks like she’s in makeup.

What’s wrong with her?”

One user, @brianh_, wrote, “Zendeayas looks like someone has been feeding her makeup.”

Another user, #snowgirl, wrote “theres a lot of people who dont want her to wear makeup.

i dont think shes even doing makeup.”

But others argued that Zendeyas new looks are not bad and that she should be allowed to do it.

“Youre allowed to wear your makeup on red carpet and not be called an ugly whore or slut,” user @kenneth_mckenzie wrote.

“If you want to wear a mask, fine.

You dont have to cover up.”

Zendey’s new look is a departure from Zendy’s recent Instagram posts, which featured mostly simple black and white makeup and not many accessories.ZENDEYA is currently on tour in the U.S., England, France and Germany, which has been met with mixed reviews by fans.

Fans have also questioned why the singer doesn’t wear makeup on stage, citing the need to maintain her natural look.

A spokeswoman for ZendAYAS told the Washington Post that the singer has always been an advocate for diversity in Hollywood and is proud to have made a positive impact on the entertainment industry.

“We all make mistakes,” the spokesperson said.

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