Why it’s time to ditch eyeliner and eyelashes for mascara

Why it’s time to ditch eyeliner and eyelashes for mascara

It’s time for us to stop buying eyeliner, eyelashes and eyelash extensions.

That’s because we’re spending so much more money on cosmetics than we are on the makeup itself.

And we’ve all been there, a few times.

It’s the time of year when people start to take note of the beauty and fashion trends of the year and plan the perfect look for the occasion.

And, while mascara is probably the most popular beauty product, eyeliner is a trend that has caught the attention of the fashion and beauty world, too.

This is because eyeliner has been around for ages and is often the first thing people look at when they walk into a new place.

It can be a fashion statement or a fashion accessory.

And that’s why it’s worth a look, says fashion designer Anna Leichtman.

“I think eyeliner really takes over when you walk into someone else’s house,” she says.

“It’s so sexy and fun.

“And it’s not just eyeliner but eyelash products too.” “

Anna says eyeliner’s popularity has been growing in the past few years and has been a trend across the globe. “

And it’s not just eyeliner but eyelash products too.”

Anna says eyeliner’s popularity has been growing in the past few years and has been a trend across the globe.

“There’s definitely been a lot of people who’ve started looking at eyeliner in a different way.

They’ve been using it to add sparkle to their makeup, and that’s a trend we’re seeing a lot,” she said.

So what are some of the best mascara options for those who want to stay in the beauty game but are looking for something a little more ‘do-it-yourself’?


NARS EyeLash Primer (Black) This is the best eyelash primer that you can buy.

It has a light, matte finish that doesn’t clump.


LORAC EyeLashes Primer In this colour, the lids are matte and the bristles are matte.


OPI EyeLaces Primer This is a great eyelash mascara, too, but it’s made with the lippiest brush on the market.


Nars EyeLaser (Black, White) This mascara gives a nice, even application, but the brush isn’t super-smooth.


L’Oreal EyeLace Primer It’s super easy to apply and it’s lightweight too.


Nude EyeLasers Primer L’Orac mascara is one of the most flattering mascara options, but this one also has a super-magnifying brush.


Dior EyeLase Primer The colour is a gorgeous metallic red and this is one eye lash mascara you can wear on its own or paired with the eye pencil.


L.A. Makeup Kit The Makeup Kits are made from a range of shades of makeup, but they all have the same basic formula.

They all have a creamy brush, which helps with applying and blending.


OPPO Makeup Lashes Primers If you want a lighter, more matte eyelash look, these are great.

They don’t clamp down on lashes, but you’ll still need to apply them properly.


Sephora Makeup Set Lipsticks This range of lipsticks are easy to use and look great with all of your favourite products.

They’re also vegan.


Lululemon Yoga Pants These yoga pants are lightweight and stretchy, making them perfect for workouts.

They also have a great fit.


SepHora MakeUp Set Lipstick Collection If you’re looking for a nice colour for your lipstick collection, these will do the trick.


Laura Mercier Makeup Primer Laura Merciers lipstick shades range are all available in matte and shimmery finishes.

They are also available in three finishes.


Lush Makeup Brushes These are lightweight, versatile brushes and are perfect for blending colours.


Urban Decay Eyelash Brushes Urban Decay makeup brushes have been around since the ’90s and are a popular item in the cosmetics aisle.

They come in different shades, and they can be used in a variety of ways.


Dermstore Eyelashes Brushes There are a lot more eye lash brushes on the planet, but DermStore Eyelashing Brushes are one of my favourite brands because they’re all made with quality materials.


Lioff Eyelazer Brush If you don’t have eyeliner or eyelash product, this eyelazer brush is a must-have.

It feels luxurious and doesn’t feel too heavy.


Laura Geller Eyeliner Brushes Laura Gellar eyeliner brushes are a must for anyone

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