Kids makeup set with more than 500 shades, including $1,100 shade palette

Kids makeup set with more than 500 shades, including $1,100 shade palette

More than a dozen high-end beauty brands have launched online stores with a new line of products, including kids makeup sets, that range from $1 to $100, according to a report by The New York Times.

More than $1 billion worth of products have been sold on since the launch of the Echo Dot in March.

The Echo Dot and other products are part of Amazon’s effort to drive growth for its e-commerce business.

The company has been targeting children, especially younger kids, with a growing number of products aimed at kids, particularly its popular Playful Play Set, which has more than 100 shades.

The new line includes an assortment of products ranging from $15 to $50.

The set includes five shades of brown, six shades of blue, eight shades of pink, eight shade of purple and four shades of red.

The products are designed to be worn with makeup, and the color palette includes a variety of eye shadows, lipsticks, and blush.

The products are available on Amazon’s Kids Store, the same site that sells products like makeup bags, makeup brushes and more.

It is the first time Amazon has released a product line for kids, and it comes as the company continues to try to drive a more youthful audience.

Amazon is currently targeting about 3 million children, according a new report by Nielsen, with the Echo, Alexa and Alexa Dot expected to sell between 500,000 and 1 million units over the next year.

The product line includes the Playful Set, the Kids Play Set and the Playable Set.

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