How to make your eyeshadow look like a unicorn for Halloween

How to make your eyeshadow look like a unicorn for Halloween

With all the amazing new unicorn makeup products out there, I’m a bit of a unicorn fanboy.

But as a makeup addict myself, I don’t think I’ve ever tried a unicorn eye shadow or eyeliner that I didn’t think was pretty, and that would probably be the case for the most part.

The best part is, the unicorn makeup is actually pretty easy to make.

The problem is, most of the stuff you see on beauty products is really, really expensive, and there’s a lot of makeup on the market that is only available through Amazon or Walmart.

That makes it difficult to find and find great affordable options.

So instead of making your own unicorn makeup, here are six cheap options for making your eyes and eyelashes look like unicorns for Halloween.


Make your eyes look like the unicorn at Walmart.

This is the cheapest, simplest, and most versatile unicorn makeup option, but it does take a little work.

For starters, the look is a little different than most unicorn makeup options, because you need to put a little unicorn-shaped eye shadow over your eyes instead of a simple pencil or a brush.

That means you need some unicorn eyeliner, and then you need a lot more unicorn eyeliners than you think you need.

Also, I recommend using an eyeliner brush that is thicker than your eyes (so the edges of the brush are longer).

That way, the tips of the brushes will be angled towards your eyes, which means that the eyes will look more like the horns on the Unicorn.

I also recommend you make a little glittery unicorn makeup.

That way you’ll get a little extra shine to your eyes.


Make a unicorn eyelash shape with glittery eyeliner.

This looks like a pretty good way to make an eye shape look like your unicorn eyelashes.

Start with some glittery glitter eyeliner like the glittery gold eye shadow shown above, and use a small amount of it to create the shape.

Next, apply a little shimmery eyelash mascara on top of the glitter, and blend it into your eyeliner to create a little more dramatic look.

You can also try applying glitter eyeliners with eye shadow instead of eyeliner—that way, you can blend the glitter into the shadow instead.

You could also make your eyelashes a little bigger by using eyeliner on top instead of the bottom lashes, and using a thin layer of mascara on the inner corner of the eye to make the lashes more prominent.


Make an eye and eyelash transformation with eyeliner over glitter eyelash.

This look can also be made with glitter eyelers and a few layers of mascara.

To make your face appear more like a head, use a few glitter eyelashes and a thin coat of mascara over your eyelids.

Blend the eyelashes into a smooth, glittery look with a brush or your hand, then apply eyeliner and a layer of eyelash glue.


Make unicorn eyelids in makeup.

To create the unicorn eyes, you’ll need to use some sort of glitter eyelighter.

I recommend the shimmery glitter mascara shown above because it makes the look even more dramatic.

If you’re not sure what glitter eyelish you want to use, try one of the other glitter eyelishing options I mentioned earlier, like the matte lipsticks, lipglosses, and lipsticks with glitter.

This also works with the unicorn eyelid shape.

To finish off the look, use mascara and a little eyelash glitter glue on top.


Make the unicorn eye look like you’re looking at a unicorn.

This could be done with a combination of glitter eye and eyebrow shadow.

To add a little sparkle, dab a little mascara on your eyelid and place a glitter eyelid on top, and try using the same glitter eyelazer on your eyebrows and nose to create some extra sparkle.

You might also want to add glitter eyelas on top to make it look like all of your eyes are glowing.

If that sounds like too much work, you could always use a different glitter eyelaser and apply some glitter eyelasers on top as well.


Make glitter eyelids with makeup.

You’ll probably need to buy more glitter eyelining products than you thought you needed to make this look a little bit more unique.

I’m going to assume that most of you are going to need at least one glitter eyelacer, a glitter eye shadow, and a glitter eyebrow.

You also might want to purchase glitter mascara to make them look like they are glowing, or use a glitter lip liner to create more sparkle on your lips.

But you could also use a little eyebrow and eyeliner as well, and apply a small layer of makeup eyeliner in the corners of your eye and on top (just a little at a time).

You could even mix up a little lip liner and make them glow all