Friday, June 3, 2016

June Beauty Wish list

Hey guys, Happy Friday!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve kept a beauty wish list in my phone. There’s an actual bullet point list of product names, then there’s products I’ve seen online that I screenshot and save. I try not to buy very often – currently I have enough makeup and skincare for seriously a decade (if they lasted that long) but once in a while I’ll check out my wish list and pull the trigger on something pretty. I AM only human! Check it out below.

As soon as I saw that Milk launched a makeup line I was obsessed. If you haven't been to their website, it's seriously worth it. Every single product has a mini video showing how to use the product. It's fantastic and so cool girl, low maintenance. ANYWAY, as soon as they launched their line I stalked every Sephora in the area to see who carried it. I went to a Sephora and the two products I really wanted to try were sold out. Such a drag! One of them was the Cooling Water stick, and the other was this sunny, bright oil appropriately called Sunshine Oil. Aside from loving the packaging look, I love the functionality as well. Having oil in rollerball form is kick ass - think beach trips and applying on the go. You can use it all over your body (as shown in the mini video) which makes it so versatile. If you're not convinced yet, I have a friend that works for Milk Makeup - this is her top pick. How could you go wrong? Get it here.

I love the look of these! The brand is called Chosungah 22, and the cute jello-like lipsticks are called Flavorful Lipsticks. I had something similar when I was a kid and really loved it. Aside from the cool see-through bullet, I've read that these are a great formula. I love subtle hints of color on lips for summer - nothing too crazy, just a little flash of color. The sun dries out lips so I try to have a moisturizing lip color on all the time! Get it here.

So this one was on my wish list and I just purchased it a few weeks ago! It was cheap - $5 - and I just ran out of conditioner. I have to say - I'm not disappointed. This thing works double duty. It smells great and leaves hair very silky but without making it limp and flat. I die my hair a lot which leaves it feeling like straw sometimes. I've been using this every time I wash my hair, then I do a deep conditioner that I leave on for 15 minutes once per week. It's a good choice for a good price! Get it here.

I saw this on an Stylecaster post and immediately wanted it. The shade is called Rebel Red and it packs a huge color punch. If I'm not going for a bare faced/beachy summer look, I love a nice bold lip and little other makeup. Think a little mascara and a touch of blush/bronzer and that's it. I'm really drawn to this shade and love that it's matte. I'm turned off by red lipsticks that are bold and super shiny - it could border on looking cheap (just my opinion, obv). I've read some reviews and the consensus is - this formula stays put and doesn't dry out lips. At $8 it's another great find for a good price! Get it here.

My mom and I have similar skin - oily and prone to breakouts. Yay us! She told me about this cleansing foam and how much she loves it. Between the two of us, we could open our own Sephora MALL with the abundance of products we both try. So if she keeps re-buying it, it's worth a try in my book. I'll take any help I can get at regulating my oily t zone, especially in the warmer months! It also doesn't hurt that it was an Allure Best of Beauty winner last year! Get it here:

Thanks for reading, guys! Will post again soon, have a great weekend.