Tuesday, January 19, 2016

La Mer The Lip Balm

Hi guys! I'm writing today about La Mer The Lip Balm. The winter is finally upon us, which means fun stuff (like skiing and ice skating!!), but it also means dry skin and dry lips - the worst!!! I've always suffered from really dry lips in the winter, and will pretty much try anything.
This balm has been on my wish list for a while, but I just couldn't pull the trigger because of the price. It's $55. I know what you're thinking - it's a LIP BALM though!! You can get lip balms at the drugstore for a couple bucks!! Yes, you can. And I've tried a ton of them and a lot of them suck. So I started wondering - do I have to pay more for an upscale product to get the results I'm looking for? I know this is not always the case (the more expensive, the better the product) however this lip balm is truly upscale and fabulous.

The texture is waxy but in a rich, moisturizing type way. The smell is a bit minty which I love. Most mornings I will dab some on after I get out of the shower and let it sink in before doing my makeup. This balm has serious lasting power! Hours can go by and I can still feel the balm intact. It's very moisturizing and absolutely cuts down on cracking and flaking. Lip care in the winter is so important – if you lips are flakey and dry, every lip color will look terrible. A good lip balm and exfoliating a few times a week is a must! I also opt for creamy lipsticks and glosses vs. matte ones – matte lipsticks tend to be very drying. Anyway, I digress.

What’s the point of having a kick ass lip color collection (have you SEEN this madness?!) if your bare lips look like crap? At least that is how I’m justifying my purchase HAHA! I also started thinking of beauty products I WAS willing to pay a premium for – facial moisturizers, fancy serums, top shelf eye creams – why not give my lips the same care as the rest of my face? Just to make my purchase last a little longer, I alternate between La Mer’s lip balm and TONYMOLY Prestige Snail Lip Treatment which I also really like for $8 (review here).

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  1. Beauty UnearthlyJanuary 20, 2016 at 9:34 AM

    Such a wonderful review dear! ^^


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