Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Funsies - 5 Items on my Beauty Wishlist!

Hi friends! We made it through another week! Barely...

I keep a running list on my phone of beauty products I want. I have one list for groceries, one for errands, and one for beauty stuff that I NEED TO HAVE. Just as important as milk.

The list below includes a few things I've been pining over lately. Check it out!

I've heard great reviews about this product and really want to try it! Laneige is all about what they call "water science skincare." Many of their products are gel like in texture which I love. Having oily skin, I prefer products with a gel texture that isn't greasy but still moisturizes. I've also become engrossed with Korean skincare lately, and sleeping masks and packs are part of their regimen. The price is right too - $23.

Get it at Target: Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Can you even stand how cute this is?! Besides the obvious “I want it because it’s cute” appeal, people are loving the actual product inside. Sephora describes it as “A portable eye serum in a stick that moisturizes and cools the delicate skin around the eyes as it smoothes the appearance of fine lines.” I really want to get this and just leave it on my desk at work. I love the idea of a serum in stick form. Very cool, cute and only $12!

Get it at Sephora: Panda's Dream So Cool Eye Stick

It’s no secret that I love everything Origins makes. Their masks are an absolute staple for me. Because I’ve been so focused on my skin lately, I figured I would start using a toner. I currently don’t use one now, and figured it can’t hurt, right? Toners are great for people with oily skin (me) and they take off excess makeup you may have missed after washing your face. When your face is less oily, there will (hopefully) be less break outs. Toners also shrink pores. I looked into this Origins toner and it seems to get a lot of praise! It is said to have a pleasant, non alcohol smell and gets the job done. $22.

Get it at Sephora: Origins Zero Oil™ Pore Purifying Toner

I’m obsessed with lashes. Anything that will grow or thicken them is of interest to me. You have to apply this serum twice a day, and results could take 2-3 months. To me, it is definitely worth it. It’s super easy – just swipe the little applicator along your lash line (and brows, if you want) and you’re done. I’ve used Latisse before (review here) so I know that lash growth and a change in thickness is absolutely possible. You really just need to be diligent and apply as directed. When this product launched, it sold out so quickly in Asia. This baby doesn’t come cheap though - $35.

Get it at Sephora: Shiseido Full Lash Serum


And last but not least, MAC lipglass in Nymphette. Do I have drawers filled with lip glosses already? Yes. But is it ever enough? No. This gloss is a beautiful champagne pink shade with a bold gold shimmer in it. I love that you can wear it alone or top off a lipstick with it for a little something extra. I see this shade come up on makeup blogs all the time, and think I owe it to the makeup addict in me to give it a spin.

Get it at MAC: MAC lipglass in Nymphette

Thanks for reading guys! 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cherry Cherry Lips - Modeling Gel Patch

My second ever Korean skincare product - this Cherry Cherry Lips Modeling Gel Patch. It's unlike anything else I've ever used. As I said in my previous post, Korean skincare has a much more concentrated approach to beauty - case in point, a mask for just lips (as well as chin masks, eye masks, even cleavage masks!) 

So besides the fact that this is completely adorable, I wanted to try it because my lips are eternally chapped. I use different chapsticks and lip balms all the time to fight the dryness, and I even exfoliate using a sugar scrub. I thought this lip mask might help.

Here it is in the package (and my cute PJ pants)

And here's me with cartoonishly large jelly lips HA. Not so cute.

My experience with this mask was just so-so. I really wanted to LOVE it because it looks so cute. It has the exact texture of real jello - be careful taking it out of the package or you might rip it. It has product on it, so it's also pretty slimy/slippery. I figured out that I needed to lay flat on my back while using this, or it slid down my face like a slimy slug. Sweet...

I left it on for about 20 minutes. I read online that no washing or cleansing afterward was needed, and just rubbing in the excess product with your fingers is fine. While my lips felt pretty moisturized, the dry flakes were still there. The next morning, my lips felt unchanged. I feel like this masks is more gimmicky vs. one that really benefits the lips. To really improve dry lips, I suggest using a sugar scrub (like Fresh's Brown Sugar Scrub) a few times a week and use a very moisturizing lip balm after washing. It will make a big difference!

I will say - wearing this mask (or any mask really) makes me slow down a bit. We're all so hooked up to our phones and lap tops, that sometimes slapping on a mask and closing your eyes for a bit feels so great.

Have you guys tried this mask? Am I missing something major? Would love you hear from you, as I am new to this Korean game! xoxo

Monday, August 24, 2015

My First Korean Skincare Product! Snail Bee High Content Mask

Hi guys! It's been a minute. What have I been up to? Well, I've fallen down the Korean skincare regimen rabbit hole.

Being 29, I've been really into perfecting my skincare routine. I love trying new serums, lotions, creams, eye creams, etc. I've heard how elaborate an asian skincare regimen can be, and was really interested to find out more. Many products here in America are multi-taskers - they supposedly do it ALL. Korean products are a lot more concentrated to one concern or area - one product for anti-aging, one for anti-acne, one for brightening, and so on. That's what I found to be the biggest difference thus far.

Seemingly hundreds of articles, websites, customer reviews later, I finally decided to bite the bullet and try some of the fun asian products for myself! I ordered from a website that's right here in America ( that sells everything from sheet masks, to essences, toners, the whole nine yards. It came quick and the prices were good! Being that I am so new, it took some research (and some websites that were written in English) to figure out what products I should try.

I figured that a sheet mask was a good bet, but the next question was - which one? There are hundreds upon hundreds of sheet masks, so back to Google I went. I kept seeing this Snail Bee High Content Mask show up on favorite lists of prominent bloggers and magazines so I ordered it, and a few other products too (will blog when I try them!)

So now to the mask. I am a huge mask fan. I try to do a mask 2-3 times per week and genuinely enjoy the experience. I think I currently have about 8 or 9 regular masks in a tube or jar. I'm not easily impressed. This mask was AMAZING!! I cut open the pack (it's a single use mask) and unfolded the mask. There was a TON of product on it. It feels very wet and a little slimy. The texture was a little odd at first. I put in on my face - there are holes for your eyes, nose and mouth - and smoothed out the bubbles. I immediately felt relaxed. I left the mask on for 30 minutes, which is a lot longer than I leave my other masks on for. I laid flat on the couch while watching a movie and that seemed to work well - the mask stayed in place. After 30 minutes I took it off and rubbed in the excess product. After my face drank up the excess, there was a noticeable smoothness all over my face. It felt really great and polished.

The next day, I feel like my skin was even BETTER than the day before due to this mask. It was so nice waking up and feeling super smooth skin. If you're not familiar and are wondering why the mask has Snail in the title, you read that right. Snail mucus is a popular ingredient in Korean skincare that supposedly works wonders - fights wrinkles, promotes whitening and brightening, smooths skin, etc. There are entire skincare lines that include this ingredient and people swear by it. If this is what one sheet mask can do for my skin, I'm very interested to try a cleanser or even a night cream with this ingredient.

Now, I am in no way saying that I'm about to adopt the asian skincare way all at once - putting 17 products on my skin is a drastic change that has to be worked up to so you can see what your skin can handle and what works for you. But it certainly has opened my eyes to trying new products and techniques.

Thanks for reading guys!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Backstage Bambi

So this lipstick is the absolute shit. I LOVE it. I have been a longtime fan of Kat von D’s makeup line – I think she puts out great products and I love her color assortment. The Tattoo Liner got me hooked – I use it almost every day (review here). So when I read that people loved these long lasting lipsticks it was a no brainer. I HAD TO HAVE ONE!!!

The line is called Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks and it lives up to every bit of that name. The lipstick goes on like velvet and dries down to a beautiful matte finish. I really wanted a few shades, but knew I was just being a psycho and told myself I was only allowed ONE. I wanted Lolita but they were sold out. Lolita is a shade that would look great on almost anyone (think like a Kylie Jenner shade) so I can totally see the appeal. (Type in Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Lolita on Pinterest and see how many photos pop up). There’s 28 shades so there was a lot to pick from! I settled on Backstage Bambi which is a beautiful hot pink shade. I’m wearing it today with a royal blue dress, and this lipstick POPS. It’s bordering on being neon pink because it’s so bright, but less tacky if that makes sense. You still with me? Good.

 Me today!

I love this lipstick for a few reasons.

1. I love the texture. Any matte finish lipstick that I’ve tried always has a horrible drying effect. If you have dry, flakey lips like me, this is your nemesis in lip color form. This lipstick has minimal drying and that is after hours of wear.
2. I love that you can paint it on like a lipgloss. I feel like I have more control over where the product goes on my lips. I didn’t even use a lip liner and don’t think I need one. It’s very pigmented so precision is key.
3. I’m always a packaging whore and this one doesn’t disappoint. I also like that it’s super skinny and doesn’t take up a lot of room in your makeup bag.
4. The shade Backstage Bambi is shockingly pink – and it’s awesome. I, like most makeup addicts, seem to buy the same shade of pink from every brand under the sun. Enough already!! I wanted something different and fun and am happy with my choice.

After reading seemingly hundreds of reviews on about this lipstick, I was finally convinced to try it. And I’m so glad I did. The reviewers online said they went back to get more shades – I get it now. If Lolita ever comes back in stock, I’ll be at the nearest Sephora begging the cashier to take my money.

 Get yours here, you know you want one! Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks