Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our First Home Before and Afters - What We've Accomplished in One Year!

Hi friends! My husband and I bought our first home a little over a year ago, and we've been having a blast by making it our own. We are really into HGTV and home makeover shows, so being able to put some of our own ideas into action has been a lot of fun! Check out the photos below!

This is us on closing day. Big smiles!

We just painted our bathroom, I really love the grey!
My husband and father in law swamped out the ugly mirror and light fixture for something nicer (got both things at Lowe's)
I changed out the shower curtain we originally had for this one - from Bed Bath & Beyond.
Greg also put up some floating shelves behind the toilet to add some interest - so cute!
We found that cute little glass tray at TJ Maxx for only $15. It makes the perfumes look so sophisticated ha!

We put up a world map in our art studio. It's something i've always wanted to do but never had the wall space for. Green pins are where Greg has been, blue pins are where i've been, and red pins are where we've been together! We ran out of pins so I have to order more =)

Our beautiful kitchen! The yellow paint shade is called Gala Gold. As you can see, we tried a lot of different yellows before choosing this one. I really think it brightens up the whole room and makes everything look inviting and HAPPY.

This is our dining room! The shade is the same as the kitchen - just looks a little brighter here because of the chandelier.

This is our art studio! I've been working for months to get it in order. I painted the two pieces of furniture - they were from my childhood bedroom set. I wanted to give them a few life, so I painted them with Valspar paint in Seafarer. I was going for a Tiffany Blue color and was very happy with how it came out! I love to craft and my husband likes to paint - now we have our own space to do that and store our supplies. More to come on this room for sure!

My mom built this. It was an empty closet that she converted to a pantry!
It gave us so much storage!

 My mom in action! I'm convinced that she can build an entire house on her own. I definitely got my crafty ways from her! She is small but very mighty! 

This is an accent wall that we painted ourselves in the living room. The other 3 walls are grey. It took 4 coats of paint to achieve this color! We like bright pops of color, as you can probably tell =)

 Greg painting the living room

Greg and my mom measuring for a new TV!

Greg and our buddy Andrew putting up said TV. The Property Brother's who?

Found this awesome plate at a fair in Long Island. I keep it on the counter for decoration.

Our family photo wall! I keep adding to it, so it's actually bigger than this now. I picked all different silver/grey frames to add some interest. I like the look of various shapes and sizes - it looks more artsy to me.

This wasn't a makeover, but I just love our fireplace. 

My husband, my mother in law and I made the window treatments. We bought fabric from Hobby Lobby. My mom bought us a set which made it a lot easier (we made 3 in total). We didn't want long drapes in the living room, so we opted for something more simple.

Our living room! We got our furniture from Ashley furniture. The painting is from our wedding - we had a live event painter come and do this painting as the wedding went on. 

 The other couch. We didn't like the pillows it came with, so we replaced them with these fun orange ones from TJ Maxx.

We fell in love with this funky chair. It's so comfy and FUN.

Our walk in master closet! My parents, my husband and my brother all chipped in to make this happen. As you can see, nothing was in this room at all. The closet in our room was small, so we turned this narrow space into our closet. My parents had some leftover racks (they just recently did their closet) so they got to work and created this! 

The closet from another angle. Can anyone spot Greg? =)

The team hard at work!

Our dining room chandelier. My mom bough it at Costco. It was marked down 2 or 3 times. We love a great deal!

This is my dad and Greg putting the chandelier up. There was a lot of cursing happening.

My mom helped me build this linen closet as well. The funny part about this? I drilled 8 huge holes into the bathroom which is behind this closet. Thank god Greg is good at fixing things!

 Our comfy bed!
Bed we built from Ikea, comforter set from Bed Bath and Beyond.

The other side of our room! This stuff is also from Ikea. After many beers and staying up to the wee hours of the morning, we finally put these together with the help of my sister in law.

From Bed Bath and Beyond.

My husband and his best friend - his grill! My aunts and uncles pooled together their money and got us a Lowe's gift card as a housewarming gift. We got to buy an awesome grill with it!

I love this picture! My brother and his girlfriend Steph helping us build a little wall unit. Without the help of both our families, we would not have gotten this far!

 Got these cool stools at Pier 1. I waited until I had a coupon to buy them =)

Our backyard needed (and still needs) a little love. 
This is Greg pulling a laundry poll out of the ground HA!

 Me planting an herb garden! Hopefully I will do a better job this year and remember to actually water them...


 Sometimes, things don't always go as planned. My father in law trying to fix a bathroom leak!

In conclusion, we've done A LOT but there is always more to come! We've shared so many wonderful memories with friends and family at our first home. See below for some fun!

Father's Day

New Year's Day

My beautiful grandmother's first visit. So special!

 Halloween party

Game nights!

Family BBQs

 My mother in law on Mother's Day

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Me and my momma!

Football Sundays!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Urban Decay Lipstick in Jilted

Hi dolls! I got this lipstick from my mom actually. She bought it and hated the shade on her, so she gave it to me. Score!

This lipstick is really nice. Not only do I really love the color, but the formula exceeded my expectations. The application is matte with a small hint of shine to it. It rolls on the lips and feels very flat, if that makes sense. But it’s not drying. The lasting power is also very good. When it does wear off, it does so evenly without leaving lines around your lips or feathering.

The shade reminds me of a less intense version of the Laura Mercier Paint Wash Liquid Lip Color that I love (original review here). This lipstick was a nice surprise! #1 because hey, it was free, and #2 it’s a great shade and formula. I’m willing to check out other shades in this line – maybe something bright for spring?

Thanks for reading!