Saturday, December 26, 2015

7 Things to Do While Your Skincare Dries

Hi friends! So I've gotten big into layering skincare products lately. I've been using multiple products on my face at night, which means I have to wait a few minutes in between each product to ensure that it sinks in and that i'm not wiping it off with the next product.

An unrelated photo of me in my Christmas pajamas.
My makeup looks bomb though.

I'm definitely a doer. An on the goer. I hate sitting around and wasting time. As I started getting more into layering products, I realized that there was a lot of waiting around. Why not use that time productively? Here are a few things you can do while your skincare is drying and you're getting all beautified:

Pick out your work clothes 
I know the exact last minute I can wake up for work without being late. From that minute on, i'm rushing around the house in a shower/hair/makeup frenzy. Picking out my work clothes the night before has been kick ass. When time is of the essence, that couple of minutes saved the next morning is a savior.

Whiten your teeth
Not the most exciting thing ever, but sometimes a necessary evil when you drink a lot of coffee like me. Plus, you're sitting around anyway, right? (full disclosure, I'm doing this right now. It tastes gross).

Organize your makeup
Have more makeup than God? Me too. I'll slap on a brightening serum and organize one of my makeup drawers. I have SO MUCH STUFF, sometimes it gets lost in the abyss. Rotate your lipsticks, move around some of your eyeshadows - you'll use the makeup you forgot you had!

Call your mom
Sometimes when i'm doing my skincare regimen at night, I have my mom on speaker. We can catch up about our days while I wait a few minutes in between laying my serums. Often times, the discussion turns to beauty! What new products were using, her latest MAC haul, me trying to convince her to use a facial oil, etc. Multi-tasking at its finest.

Our Christmas outfit selfie!

Pack your lunch for work
Similar to picking out your clothes. Anything to save me a little time the next morning is great. Plus, I won't have to worry about hunting for food around NYC during work the following day.

I love having a craft project to do while I do my skincare regimen (I know, doubly as nerdy). I'll decoupage a wine bottle in between steps while watching TV. The few minutes away from my project might give me a good idea.

Write/Read Blogs
One of my favorite things to do while my skincare dries blog! As we speak, I'm sitting here with a mask on while my husband watches football. I also like to do a little research on my favorite blogs - I'm always looking for the newest and best serums, moisturizers, eye creams, makeup etc. Surf the blogosphere while all these great vitamins are sinking into your skin!

Hope this was a fun read! In case you were wondering, my nightly skincare routine takes about 30 minutes from cleansing my face to the last step. I try to look at it less as a chore, and more of having some me time and pampering myself. Once you make that switch and actually look forward to your nightly routine, you'll never go back to the barely-taking-your-makeup-off-stage.

Happy New Year!


  1. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx


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