Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Why I got my first tattoo at 29

So I finally did it. I got INKED. I went back and forth on my decision – am I too old to get my FIRST tattoo now that I’m finally ready? My husband and friends said that was a crazy thought – I should do what I want, damn it! And so I did. But it took me a long time to get here.

Tattoos in this day and age aren’t taboo – everyone has them. Moms, dads, teens. Tattoos used to be a sign of being edgy – a bad ass – someone in the military. Now they are just another way to show your individuality. For me the question was – what? What represents ME? In a few words or even a picture? I’m sure this plagues most people when deciding on what type of tattoo to get so I wasn’t alone. I’ve always been a creative person who wants to express themselves. People who know me were almost surprised that I hadn’t gotten inked at some point.

I thought back to my younger days – high school and college. What the hell would it look like if I got a tattoo back then? Something ridiculous probably. Lyrics to a song that was now old and forgotten. A matching tattoo with someone who I was no longer friends with. Or – god forbid – someone’s name or initials that I was no longer dating. I’m glad that I waited until I was older and fully realized that I was doing – that this ink will be there forever. I see some younger chicks (and dudes) inking themselves up and I kind of cringe. I just hope they don’t regret it one day. Of course I’m just speaking from experience – I know my younger self and she was kind of a rebel asshole. Saying that all young people will one day regret their tattoo choices is a ridiculous generalization. I would imagine buyer’s remorse when it comes to tattoos is far worse than buying an ugly pair of shoes. My advice is to make sure you love it.

So now to the ink! I got something that I know I will never regret – the date of my wedding anniversary. The best day ever! I maniacally researched placement options on Pinterest and other sites, and finally decided on this spot. My artist was wonderful – crisp, clean lines and it was over pretty quickly. My husband and best friend came with me for support – it was a fun family outing HA. I can honestly say that I love it and am so glad I finally took the plunge into ink land. In closing, the only question left to answer is…what’s next?

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