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The Beachwaver S1 – A Comprehensive Review

Hi friends! I’m writing today to tell you about my most favorite new hair tool – the Beachwaver S1! Let me start off by saying that I’m really terrible at doing my own hair. If I can use this tool and make my hair look this good, so can you!

How to use: section off your hair into pieces – bigger pieces will give you beachy waves, smaller pieces will give you more bouncy curls. Clamp down on the end of your hair and push the button – the barrel will rotate automatically. Hold for a few seconds – less time for waves, more time for a tighter curl – then unclamp and release the hair. I usually hair spray after I do each piece, since my hair loses its curl pretty quickly if I don’t. And you’re done! Since I’ve used this tool on a few different occasions and am a novice at hair, I put together a few of my tips and tricks. Hopefully they will help!

• It takes a little practice. I got really discouraged when I watched the video online and thought I knew everything. Fast forward to when I did it myself and it looked less than perfect. My best friend (who is a big fan of the tool and actually GOOD at doing hair) told me that you need to do it a few times to get the knack. She was right – it’s a lot easier when you learn to navigate the tool. My mom also has it, and she said it took her a few tries as well. Her hair is long and it looks AMAZING when she curls it with the Beachwaver. Even after sleeping on the curls for a few days, they stayed. The 3 of us send each other pictures of ourselves via text when we use our Beachwaver and it comes out good HA!

• You have to see what works for your hair in regards to the temperature, the timing, and the size of the sections of hair. My hair is pretty fine, so I don’t put the setting too hot or it will literally fry my hair. I also prefer the beach waves vs. the tighter curls – my hair is short, and making it even shorter with a tight curl looks kind of awkward. Just to give you an idea – my hair (as you can see from the photos) is a little shorter than shoulder length right now. I section off 6 pieces on both sides of my head (12 total) to get the beachy waves. I want to say that I hold the Beachwaver on for about 5 seconds per piece then release.

• Find the best products for your hair. For me, I’ve found that I get the best results on 1 day old hair with a little salt beach spray in it. The texture of my hair and the salt spray really agrees with the curls. I also have been trying not to wash my hair every day (which is such a struggle) so I’ve been doing every other day instead. Day 1 – Blow dry. Day 2 – Salt Spray and Beachwaver. I might even get crazy on Day 3 and put my hair up in a high bun on top of my head if I’m lazy enough.

• I like my hair to look a little more un-done, so I don’t start the curl at the very end of my hair. I clamp it down a little above the end so it looks more tousled and natural.

• The arrows confused me at first. I was like wait – I don’t know what way I want my curl to go…does it even matter? My mom gave good advice – she said she uses the same direction for everything. I was trying to get fancy and do a left arrow on the left side of my head, and the right arrow for the right side. Not necessary – keep it simple and it will all look uniform.

• The original Beachwaver was $199. The new Beachwaver S1 is only $129 – a lot more affordable. Once you have it, you will use it all the time (trust me). If you get it at Ulta and are a member of their rewards program, you could probably even get a coupon and use it towards the tool. I just went on the website, and it says you get a free gift with your purchase. If you buy it online, you get free shipping since it's over $50. Pretty sweet deal. Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Here's the link:

Check out some more photos below!

As I teased in my last post, here is a photo of me and a llama. 
The only reason this picture is relevant for this post, is because my hair looks awesome.
Thanks, Beachwaver!

This was me at work one day.
I got so many compliments on my hair.

This is my bestie and me!
This was taken this weekend in Atlantic City. 
She was nice enough to Beachwave my hair and hers before we hit the casinos!

The holy grail.

Hope you enjoyed! Comment with any questions and i'll get back to you guys!

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