Thursday, August 28, 2014

Makeup Organization - Life Changing!

Hi dolls! My mom gifted me this makeup organizer, and it has changed my life in just one day. There's 7 shelves, which allowed me to do a lipstick drawer, lip gloss drawer and so on. I love opening the drawers in the morning and seeing all of my makeup without the struggle.

I had a 3 drawer organizer before - NOT sufficient enough for a makeup addict like me. The drawers would get jammed because I had way too much stuff. Plus, things were piled on top of each other and I couldn't see what I had. I noticed that I kept buying similar shades of things because I simply didn't know what I had. Not good. I am going to try hard to keep this neat and clean. See below for the photos!!

My glorious lipstick drawer. I guess I will have to purge an item if I want to buy another ha!

Gloss drawer. I use some more often than others, but couldn't find it in myself to throw away more than a few =)

Lip crayons, lip balms, shadow sticks and eye liners. This drawer is a little busy, but it's much better than what I had before.

Eye shadows, glitter and mascara. This doesn't include my numerous eye palettes and sets, I don't know if there will ever be a good way to organize those unless you stack them in a drawer somewhere. I'm open to suggestions!

Face drawer - primers, blushers, bronzers, luminizers and concealer. 

This is kind of a misc drawer - my trusty Dr. Jart BB Cream, foundation, lash curler, lash glue, etc. 

My beautiful organizer! Makes me happy every time I look at it.

This was my old one. I've had it since college, and it was time to cut the cord. It served me well, but I just outgrew it. RIP, old friend.
Hope you guys enjoyed my organization post! If you have any tips or tricks, please feel free to share them with us! xo

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Higher the Hair, the Closer to Jesus

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine rocked. Yesterday, I went to my aunt and uncle’s house for a bbq. The weather, company (and scenery!) couldn’t have been better! I’ve been kind of bored with my hair lately, so I decided to give it some volume. It’s at that weird in between-growing out of a bob stage and there’s not much I can do to style it. So I resurrected my Bump-it (remember those?) and teased the crap out of my crown. I placed the Bump-it on the crown and covered it with the teased hair. The Bump-it has little teeth, so it grabs your hair well. Just to make it look a little neater, I put two bobby pins in an X shape to keep the remaining hair together in the back. And viola! High hair. Or Jersey hair, depending on where you live  See below for some pretty sweet scenic photos from the weekend!

My pouf! Nothing wrong with a little bit of volume haha
Another shot. It stayed all day and my hair wasn't in my face!

My uncle has a huge backyard - I can practice my shooting! Our targets were coke cans filled with water
My husband and my uncle in his beautiful backyard! That view never gets old

Say cheese! Me relaxing in the hammock with my new camera! Bought it at an estate sale for $30 - beautiful Olypmus 35mm!

Thanks for reading dolls. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!