Friday, May 9, 2014

Short Summer Hair – Ways to Style it for Spring/Summer!

Hi dolls! As you know, I hacked my hair off a few months ago and have been LOVING it. 10 minutes to blow dry and style in the morning? I’ll take it! Since warmer months are ahead of us (hopefully…) I’ve been searching for fun and cute ways to style my new, short hair. Here are some of my favorites!

Asymmetrical Bob
This is one of my favorite things ever!
Once my hair grows out just a little more, I think I'm going to do this.
I love how the hair comes to a point in the front!
Tiny Braids - short bob
I never saw a braid like this, I think it could look kind of interesting!
I like to try and put the front of my hair up (especially when it's hot) so it's out of my face
This might be a cute alternative!

Messy/Beachy Braid
This is one of my go to looks.
 I usually do this braid on both sides and join them around the crown of my head.
Again, hair out of your face in the summer!

Chunky layers - medium/long bob
I love how layers look on short hair!
Definitely gives you more volume if you have fine hair like me

Sideswept bang on a medium bob
Here's another option - changing up your look with a side bang
Not as dramatic as real bangs, and looks more updated in my opinion

A touch of color
This is wonderful for so many reasons
I love how she didn't dye the whole head pink, and just kind of did pink highlights everywhere
Still looks classy and sophisticated with an edge. Perfect!!!
I also really like the length

Hair accessories
I always thought hair accessories stood out more on shorter hair
This bow is super cute - I've been reading up on how to make my own!

Tousled bob
I try to do this with my hair - I like when it looks a little bit undone and not perfect
I use a little bit of volumizing mousse and finish it off with some hair spray

Beachy/Wavy medium bob
This is ideal for the hotter months. I love how effortless and fun it looks!
I really love Bumble & Bumble's Surf spray - I spray it on wet hair, scrunch it and go
It air dries so pretty

What do you guys think? Any favorites? What do you do with your hair in the summer?

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Perfect Tiffany Blue Nails! And Fun Spring Things =)

Hi friends! It’s Monday (UGH) so I am looking back on my fun photos from the weekend and daydreaming.

I got an awesome nail color this weekend – it’s probably the closest shade to a Tiffany Blue color that I’ve ever gotten. So springy and pretty! It’s a gel color, and the shade is called Turquiose Sky. The brand is called Nobility (which I’ve never heard of) but I am in love with this color!

We also had a beautiful wedding to attend on Saturday - at the vineyards in Long Island! We look pretty good, I won't lie! I rented this cute orange dress from Rent the Runway, and my husband matched his outfit to mine.

The beautiful bride and groom at Martha Clara vineyard!

We danced the night away, so much fun! Loved the decor!

Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend! More posts to come this week! xo