Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Clé de Peau Beauté's Extra Rich Lipstick in 311

Clé de Peau Beauté's (for those of you who don't know) is a luxury skincare and makeup brand that is manufactured in Japan. The brand makes beautiful products, and acquired Amanda Seyfriend as the face of their skincare line. Not too shabby eh?

I went to a Cosmetic Executive Women event (aka CEW) and got a pretty killer goody bag. Much to my pleasure, this gorgeous lipstick from Cle de Peau was included! Check out the photos below, and what I thought of the product.

 The lipstick bullet itself is a work of art. It's square, angular and damn cool.
It took me a minute to get the hang of applying it, but it goes on beautifully.

 Gorgeous, glossy red lip!

Always need to throw an artsy shot in there =)

Now - down to the cold, hard facts about this product. The texture of this lipstick is so creamy and smooth. It feels so nice on the lips. The color is very intense and pops. It also has serious lasting power - I drank 3 cups of coffee and it basically looked the same as when I initially applied. The dry down is another thing I love about it - instead of wearing off in chunks or flaking, this lipstick just fades slightly and in a uniform way. It's just less glossy but doesn't look gross.

I've been fighting off a cold this week, and decided to throw this lipstick on this morning to lift my spirits. Safe to say it worked! I kept the rest of my makeup minimal (since I wore it to work) and just wore a base, a little blush and 2 coats of mascara. If you're wearing this shade, you need it to be the star.

I've only been a red lip wearer for about a year or 2 now. I was never fully comfortable wearing it out places. MAC's Ruby Woo broke that cycle for me (LOVE that shade) and now I like experimenting with other red lipsticks. I will definitely be wearing this shade again - it's a great color, it lasts, doesn't transfer onto things (coffee cups, teeth, etc) and is oddly moisturizing and rich.

Anyone else try this lipstick or brand in general? Share with us! <3 p="">

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Prison Hair and Makeup - Orange is the New Black is Amazing.

Orange is the New Black is my new addiction. My husband and I just finished watching the whole season on Netflix, and I am so sad that it's over! For those of you who haven't watched, the show is a comedy/drama about women in prison. The writing is smart, and the characters they created are so complex, interesting, funny, crazy, etc.

So why am I writing about a TV show on a makeup blog? To talk about the hair and makeup, of course! I know it's a TV show, and I have no idea what prison is really like for women. But the chicks in this show like to look their best, even in an orange jumpsuit and living in a jail cell. Enjoy!

Her name is Red. She is a strong, matriarch character who had/has ties to the Russian mob.
She is never seen without her signature red lip and hair.
Thanks to a salon inside the prison (run by another inmate) roots are not an option.
Alex is a no-nonsense chick who was put in prison for being an international drug dealer.
Her signature winged eyeliner is always on point, even when she is wearing her thick framed glasses.
Colorful tattoos cover her arms, and her dark wavy hair always looks effortless.
Maybe it's the prison shampoo?
Meet Lorna. She has a strong Boston accent, and never has a hair out of place.
She is never seen without her signature red lip and retro style hair.
She is delusional and planning a wedding that will probably never happen while serving her time.
Sophia is one of my favorite characters!
She is a transgendered inmate with a complicated relationship with her wife and son.
She also runs the prison hair salon for the other inmates.
Her face is always made up, and her weave is always curly and bouncy.
Aleida is a matriarch among the Spanish inmates. She helped cut drugs for her drug lord boyfriend, and eventually got caught.
Her daughter, Daya, is also serving time at the prison.
Aleida's eye makeup always looks beautiful, along with her pale pink lip.
Though they don't get along, she asked her daughter to "do my eyebrows. no one else here knows how to do them good."
Even in prison, undone eyebrows are simply not acceptable!
Daya, Aleida's daughter, is usually pretty fresh faced makeup-wise.
What makes her cool, is her seriously two-toned hair!
She has an affair going on with one of the prison guards.
Since Aleida was a pretty crappy mother, Daya took care of her four younger siblings before getting thrown in prison herself.
Piper is the main character. She is thrown under the bus by Alex, who named her as an accomplice in her drug dealing ring. Alex and Piper have a long, complicated relationship.
And they are both serving their time at the same prison.
Piper is also engaged to be married to Larry (played by Jason Biggs) who is completely blindsided by this whole drug ring thing.
Piper is naturally pretty, and doesn't wear much makeup in the show.
She got her hair done only once by Sophia for a special occasion - Thanksgiving. In prison.
Suzanne - AKA Crazy Eyes - is another one of my favorites.
At this point in the series, we don't see her backstory and why she is serving time at the prison.
She is also not a makeup fan, but this is her signature hair!
She becomes completely obsessed with Piper, and the results are both funny and unsettling.
Flaca - a minor character in the show - has some serious eyeliner issues in this show.
It looks uneven, and the teardrop tattoo isn't helping matters.
She has long hair and choppy, blunt bangs.
I saved the best for last! Nicky is by far my favorite character on the show.
She often spots lower lash liner, and some serious volume to her hair.
Nicky is a tough broad with a loud mouth and dry sense of humor.
She has an on and off relationship with Lorna, and is a former drug addict.
She is very close with Red, who she refers to as "mom."
Hope you guys enjoyed! Do any of my lovely readers watch this show?
 Which character has the best beauty look? Xo

Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Haircut Inspiration - Sexy, Asymmetical Bob

After having long hair my entire life, I recently cut my hair. SHORT. And I am loving it. Once it grows a bit more, I really want to try something fun - more of a long asymmetrical bob. I just got my very first Keratin treatment yesterday (yay!) so my hair is on it's way to being healthier, longer and stronger. I can't wash it for 3 days (killing me, already) but once I do it's going to be so silky. And take a lot less time to blow dry. But anyway, back to the future haircut.

This is a photo from last weekend - my new short hair!
I just got some lowlights this weekend, and a keratin treatment.
Next time I get it cut, I want something like this. Scroll down to check it out!

I don't think I would do a side bang, but I love that the cut is uneven in the front.

Looove this. One of my friends texted this photo to me for hair inspiration!

Love everything - layers, color and the long in the front, shorter in the back!

Love the color. Again, I wouldn't do a side bang but I really love this cut.

Ah the Victoria Beckham, always a classic!
 This might be a little too extreme for me but I still love it.
What do you guys think? Should I go for it? Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Britney Spears - Makeup and Hair Highs

I've always been a "it's Britney, bitch" fan. Give me the sleazy "I'm a Slave for You" Britney, the sparkly diamond body suit Toxic Britney, hell, even the umbrella wielding bald Britney. She's had her ups and downs sure, but one thing is undeniable - she's had some major makeup and hair moments. Let's take a trip down memory lane and bask in the glory that is Britnasty.

This look from her Toxic video is one of my most favorites. It was so outside the box for her with the crayon red hair and shadow and lips to match almost perfectly. She almost looks other-worldly.

Also from the Toxic video. They went really simple here with some pretty highlighter on her face, pale pink lips and some pretty false lashes. I love the two small rhinestones

Awesome eye makeup, party of ONE. This is, of course, from the I'm a Slave 4 U music video.
When I was younger, my friends and I would put crystals on our eyes like this. Those were the days!
I didn't love her grungy, wet hair but I guess it made sense for the video.

This was the cover image for her greatest hits album.
Besides the insanely hot body, I love the sexed up platinum hair they did on her here.
Fur never hurts either.

OMG – remember what a big controvery this cover was, guys? Topless Britney – gasp!!!
Again, the hair is so on point here. I’m almost positive they are extensions – she has been a huge fan of them in the past.
But hey, who cares when it looks THAT good, right?
Makeup simple, but sexy.
From those of you who don't remember, this is way back when from Brit's "Lucky" music video.
Sometimes, it's just SO hard being famous!
Britney's makeup from her Stronger video.
I REALLY love the eyes on her here - nice smoky eye, definitely some false lash action going on.
Simple cheeks, could have done without the lip liner.
You Drive Me Crazy music video.
The pigtails are pretty scary, but the cat eye glasses are pretty on trend and back in style now!
There's not doubt that the bodysuit Brit wore in her Oops, I Did it Again video was hot.
But that's where the hotness stops for me. I hated the frosty, weird makeup
And my god, her hair looked like a comb over. Next! 
Ah OK, that's better. I like my Britney bitch fierce and glam!
I think this was a promo photo for Circus? I love the lips, the hair, the bling, everything.
This was from Scream and Shout
I can't digest the weird headband and poofy hair, but her makeup rules here too.
Probably the most recent music video look - You Better Work (Bitch)
I love the wild, untamed hair and the killer makeup.
The outfit doesn't hurt either.
Said outfit. Yeah. Awesome.
Aww baby Brit! Even at a young age, her makeup kicked ass.
Gooo Britney!
Not Yet a Woman Video. Natural, beachy Britney.
The bangs parted on the side always worked for her!
Which look is your fave? Hope you enjoyed!! xoxo

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oil Pulling - the Hot New Trend! Crazy or Cool?

I read an article today on StyleCaster about a "miracle" treatment called Oil Pulling. It sounds a lot weirder and tougher than it actually is.

All you do - swish a teaspoon or tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for 20min a day, then spit it out. If you hate coconut, you can use a different type of organic oil.

Via StyleCaster, here are the benefits of doing such a simple task:

 "Some fans say they’re pretty much endless, but a few of the most popular are as follows: whitens teeth, strengthens gums, teeth, and jaw, prevents cavities and gingivitis, gets rid of skin problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, detoxes your body, cures hangovers and migraines, helps with sleep issues, clears your sinuses, helps allergy sufferers, freshens your bad breath, helps with pain issues, and more."

Um, sign me up. How does it work, you ask? While you're swishing, the coconut oil grabs onto bacteria and toxins that are in your mouth. When you spit out the oil, all the bad crap goes with it. So obv, don't swallow the coconut oil.

There have been other articles written about oil-pulling, but how do we know if it really works? Well, you guys are lucky to have me, because I'm going to test it out and blog about it! I'm not sure how long it'll take to see results, but I will keep you guys updated if you're interested!

I'm not sure that i'll be able to handle 20 whole minutes of swishing, so maybe I will start at 10 and work my way up. Might be a good activity when you're doing something else - taking a bath, dishes, watching TV, etc so you don't notice the time as much.

What do you guys think? Is this kinda crazy, or kinda awesome? Or both? Let us know in the comments section, I would love to hear what you guys think! Xoxo

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kelly and Sharon Osbourne Serve Fierce Faces for MAC

Say what you will about the Osbourne's in general, but their makeup is looking on point and flawless in their new MAC Cosmetics ads.

Kelly in particular has really gone through a major fashion and beauty transformation over the years, and I have to say that I'm a fan. I really dig her hair color and edgy style! The played up eyes (which i'm sure are false lashes but hey, we could all use a little help!) and the pale lips are a good look on her. Sharon on the other hand looks pretty damn good for being 61 years old.

The collection hasn't officially been posted to MAC's website just yet, but Kelly shared this sneak peak of her lilac & autographed lipstick tube!
Sharon also posted this photo - a nude eye shadow palette with her signature on it.
And oh, the cutest dog ever. We cannot ignore the cutest dog ever.
What do you guys think? Will you check out the Osbourne's MAC Collection?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Beauty Quote of the Day

"I would rather lose a good earring than be caught without make-up." - Lana Turner

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Glitter Cat Eye - How to DIY!

Greg and I went out last night to celebrate on of my very best and oldest friends! We went to a bar in NYC and celebrated with some booze to beat the cold. I feel like it's been ages since I ventured out of my apartment to actually do something FUN and social this winter, so I wanted to try something new with my eye makeup. I saw a photo in this month's issue of Allure for winged liner with just a touch of gold liner on the corner. I have been adoring everything black and gold, so thought it would be fun to change it up.

What I used:
Primer: MAC Paint Pot in Perky
Eyelash Curler: Sephora brand
Eye shadow:  Moonbeam (all over lid) and Quartz (inner corners) from my Laura Mercier Les Petits Bonbons Luxurious Baked Eye Color Palette (see the full palette from an older post here)
Eye Liner: Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner in Black
Eye Liner Brush: Laura Mercier's gel liner brush
Mascara: MAC's Hot and Naughty Mascara (two coats)
Touch of Gold Glitter: Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Gold

  • Prime your eye.
  • Curl your lashes (hold down for at least 5 seconds at the base of the lash, then another 5 seconds near the tops of the lashes).
  • Two coats of mascara, let dry for a minute or 2.
  • Apply base and inner corner shadow and blend.
  • Curl your lashes one last time with the mascara on. This will make your lashes stay curled for longer and make your eyes look bigger.
  • Apply your black gel liner of choice. Make sure your brush is nice and clean so there's no chunks of old liner on there. If you don't like the shape of your wing, use a Q tip with a little water or makeup remover to fix it.
  • After gel liner is completely dry, apply the glitter liner on the tip of the black wing. The Heavy Metal liner comes out kind of spotty and doesn't really make a clean line. Just keep applying until you achieve the look you're going for!
And you're done! Not overdone, just a little bit of sparkle. Here are some highlights from last night's antics:

 One of my beastie's and me at her birthday celebration!

Love of my life

I think this photo pretty much sums up the night. Great times!
Hope you guys are having a great weekend! xoxo

Saturday, March 1, 2014


A quick thank you to all of YOU pretty people for reading me. I can't believe that my little old blog now has 400 wonderful, fun, beautiful, makeup obsessed readers! Keep those comments and inspiration coming, you bring a smile to my face daily!

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