Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mad for Mermaids! And other sealife related things.

There is nothing cooler than mermaids. EVER.

My obsession started young, with none other than the perfect, red-headed beauty Ariel. From there, my love of these creatures took off. I even dedicated a spot in my powder room for a mini mermaid display. How's that for dedication?! See below for a very mermaid post - my personal belongings, plus some mermaid inspiration (mermaid-inspo? mer-spo?).

A really neat little mermaid chest my friend and I discovered at a vintage shop in Ft. Lauderdale
I have it in my bathroom and keep makeup stashed inside!

A friend gifted me this sassy mermaid and I just adore it. She is also in my bathroom!

A bowl of handpicked shells that my little cousin and I collected on the Beach in Shelter Island, NY.
She did a great job picking ones with the perfect shape!
One of the coolest moments ever - I met Ariel the Little Mermaid in Disney World!
My girlfriends and I went to Florida for my Bachelorette party, and did a princess brunch.
Life = Made.

I also have a thing for seahorses. This guy hangs out with my mermaid collection.

I've had this book since I was little. It still makes me happy when I see it on my book shelf.

OPI's Mermaid Tears

Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers perfume. Such a cute tail!
Lady Gaga as a sexy mermaid


Urban Decay - Clean and Sober Makeup Remover
This makeup remover actually sucked, but I just bought it for the mermaid bottle and kept refilling it with good makeup remover ha!
I bought this mermaid cigarette case at Coney Island with a friend one summer.
We rode the Cyclone, ate funnel cake, walked on the boardwalk with pretty umbrellas and saw a sideshow. Such wonderful memories!
Beautiful Bettie Page as a mermaid!
This fake documentary almost ruined my life.
OK that was dramatic, but there was a slight glimmer of hope after watching this that mermaids were real!
Say what you will about M Night Shyamalan and his over the top movies, but I was kind of obsessed with Lady in the Water. If you haven't seen it, it's basically about a manager of an apartment complex (Paul Giamatti) saving what he thought was a woman drowning in a pool. It turns out to be a mythical mermaid-like creature from a bedtime story.
I adore mermaid inspired artwork.
Hope you guys enjoyed!! My readers are the bomb!! Xo

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Glittery, Gold, Glam Mani!

Ummm so is this amazing or what?! I was so tired of getting dark, drab winter colors so I kinda went nuts and got mini disco balls on my nails. I’ve been getting so many compliments on them!!

I went to a nail salon in Long Island where my husband’s family lives. They had such a wide variety of gel polishes, it took me a good 10 minutes to pick! I don’t remember which company made this polish – but it definitely wasn’t OPI, Shellac or any of the main gel manicure brands. It was in a big, beautiful jar of glittery goldness and I just had to have it. Next time I go back, I will get the brand and shade name. I originally had a pretty pink chosen, but decided to go for it and pick something tacky and awesome.

Hope everyone is having a good day! xoxo

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

More Photos from OUR WEDDING!

Hi dolls! Many of you have been reading my blog since the beginning, and for that I THANK YOU. We finally got our photos back from the photographer and we LOVE how they came out! I wanted to share some of them with you guys – it was such an amazing day and we are so happy!

My husband and me!! One of my favorite photos for sure!!

This was us walking into the reception! Look at those smiles!

We could not have asked for a better bridal party. This is the dream team right here, folks.

I like this shot, it's artsy and cool. The grounds of the country club were amazing!

My dad and I dancing the tango! We praticed SECRETLY for months, and unveiled our dance at the wedding. It was a big hit!

My beautiful family! My parents, my brother and me

My beautiful in-law family!

My mom getting me into my dress. There were a LOT of buttons...

This is one of my favorites too! All of my bridesmaids picking Greg up. So funny!!

My maid of honor giving me a snuggle after her awesome speech!

My gorgeous flower girl and me breaking it down on the dance floor!

THE dress. What they say is true - When you know, you know.

Flavia and me! Bridesmaid parade =)

Claudia and me! Don't you love their dresses? They are Bari Jay.

My new sister in law and me!


My momma and me before the church!

Miss Melly and me! Sabrina did some fierce makeup on our bridal party!!

Beautiful Sabrina and me! Bridesmaid AND super makeup artist!!

My brother and me killing it on the dance floor!

My gorge maid of honor and me!

 My parents!
The whole crazy bunch at the end of the night!

Hope you guys enjoyed! We sure did! xoxox

Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Top Favorite - and Least Favorite MAC Lipsticks of ALL TIME

So I've been a makeup connoisseur since birth. Well, maybe since I've been 13, which was the glorious age that I was allowed to start wearing makeup. Throughout the years, I've collected, tested, swatched, wore, loved and hated probably hundreds of lipsticks. One of my favorite kinds, of course, being MAC.

Over the years, I've really tried everything lipstick-wise. Every finish, color, sparkles, you name it. After various makeup purges (you have to make room for NEW stuff, obv) I've realized which lipsticks have stayed with me, and which lipsticks I really should have tossed when I listened to No Doubt on a cassette tape. Here are my MOST favorite MAC lipsticks, and my least favorite. Now - least favorite does not necessarily mean they are bad. They just do not work for me. Here we go!

All the current MAC lipsticks I have in my collection!
As I said, I really do try to purge my makeup and only keep what I really use.
After this post, it looks like half of these poor babies might be seeing the bottom of my trash can. 

My MAC lipstick Dream Team (from left)
Vegas Volt, Ruby Woo, Amplified, Flat Out Fabulous, Costa Chic, Chatterbox
  • Vegas Volt - I was always a little afraid of wearing a too-orange lipstick, but this one convinced me. It's so bright and fun, but at the same time kind of a neutral that you could wear to the office or to the bar with friends. Versatile.
  • Ruby Woo - I've heard people RAVE about Ruby Woo, saying it is by far the best "perfect" red in the world. I am in complete agreement. I've tried many other reds, and felt like I was either a hooker or a clown. This lipstick is sophisticated, and I am convinced it will look good on almost anyone.
  • Amplified - This was one of the first MAC lipsticks I ever purchased, and it's still with me! It's a lot brighter in real life than in the photo - a punchy, bright, electric pink. Perfect summer color with just a little bronzer & mascara. This lipstick should definitely be the focal point.
  • Flat Out Fabulous - This matte purple got me through fall and winter this year. This is one of MAC's newer shades, and it is a show stopper. I get compliments every time I wear it - it's kind of unexpected being purple and matte. I love wearing it with a touch of gold eye shadow and a little mascara.
  • Costa Chic - This is an oldie but goodie. An awesome every day lipstick for spring and summer. It's more of a coralish pink, and always looks fresh. It makes me happy when I swipe it on - it makes me think of the beach!
  • Chatterbox - I've been replenishing Chatterbox for years now. It's pretty much my go-to pink. You can wear this shade year round and always be on trend. With Chatterbox, you can play up your eyes without looking too overdone. Great texture, perfect pink. 

The Worst of All Time
Lady Gaga's Viva Glam, Plink!, Win Win, Fabby, Sandy B, Ungaro's Pure Rose, Viva Glam V
  • Lady Gaga's Viva Glam - I had such high hopes for this shade but it just didn't work for me. It's a VERY chalky pink. It might work better on someone with a very pale skin tone.
  • Plink! I bought this shade when I was in search of a perfect every day shade. It's not awful, but it just falls flat on me. I see a lot of bloggers like this shade, so it could just be me who doesn't like it!
  •  Win Win - This shade is definitely lose lose. I thought I was going to LOVE it, but it's a big sparkly mess. There are CHUNKS of glitter in this lipstick that shed and go all over your face. NO.
  • Fabby - I thought this would be a pretty shade, but it's kind of a brown pink. Not my thing. Almost makes my lips look a little dirty if that makes sense.
  • Sandy B - Pretty shade, just not for me. It's a Frost finish, which I've learned I don't like.
  • Ungaro's Pure Rose - This was one of MAC's special collaborations. I have the same problem with this shade as I do with the Lady Gaga shade. Too chalky and light.
  • Viva Glam V - I've always tried to like the Viva Glam shades, since the money goes to a great cause. But this one is too brown for me. People with a darker skin tone or brunette hair might be happier with this shade.
What are your favorite MAC shades? Least favorite? Share with us! Xoxo

Friday, February 21, 2014

Vanessa Hudgens is a Beautiful Mermaid!

I freaking LOVE this photo! I have a major mermaid obsession, which naturally started with Arielle the Little Mermaid when I was just a tot. My mom made an Arielle costume from scratch that I adored, which eventually got passed down to my younger cousin for Halloween.

Vanessa posed for Project Mermaids, to help with its campaign to preserve the beauty of oceans and beaches. I really love the color of her fin, as well as the Vanessa-appropriate headpiece. Mermaids rule, and so does this photoshoot. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I feel like we could all use a pick me up during this unbelievably cold winter, myself included. I thought I would list some of the things that made me happy. You guys could do it too, if you get inspired by my list. I don't usually do posts like this, but hey, there's a first time for everything right? As I write this, I am reminded of happy memories that come along which each of these. Enjoy!

  1. My husband. I couldn't be more thankful for him.
  2. The idea that winter will not last forever.
  3. Small, furry animals. Mainly kittens and puppies.
  4. Best friends. Without them, life would be so boring. And you wouldn't laugh nearly as much.
  5. Wonderful and supportive parents. You always deny that you will turn into them, but you usually do. And maybe that's not such a bad thing.
  6. Siblings that are best friends. My brother fits that description to a T.
  7. Hot French vanilla coffee on a cold day.
  8. In-laws that make you feel like part of their family almost immediately.
  9. Drawing on the most perfect winged eye liner and feeling fly for the rest of the day.
  10. Tight hugs. A hug over 20 seconds can be an immediate mood booster.
  11. Loyal pets. You are their world. And they love you. Everyday.
  12. Zumba. There's something about sweating your ass off in a small room full of women to Spanish music that just makes things right.
  13. When someone tells you that you made their day.
  14. When people surprise you, and you realize that there really are good people out there.
  15. Old friends that pick up where you left off. No catching up, no awkwardness, just love, laughs and companionship.
  16. Planning and dreaming about your next vacation. Whether it be big or small, far away or near, tropical or otherwise. Sometimes you need to regroup and reset your clock.
  17. Crafting. Creating something unique - a picture frame, decorating a pair of old shoes or making a college can make you feel good. No one has made the exact project you are making right now, and that makes me feel good.
  18. The smell of breakfast being mad.
  19. Drastically changing your hair. This isn't only reserved for break-ups! I recently chopped my long blonde locks off in favor of a short, choppy bob. I feel like a new person. And my hair takes 10 minutes to do in the morning!
  20. A fabulously good meal. Either home cooked or from a restaurant.
  21. Being right. Sorry, but it's true!
  22. Fuzzy, warm slippers.
  23. The bra that makes your boobs look like a Victoria's Secret model.
  24. Balmy, warm, summer sun. The kind that you can't soak up enough of. The kind that makes you bronze, but not burned.
  25. Summer barbeques. Hot food, cold drinks, friends, fun.
  26. Weekly calls with my grandmother. No matter what mood I'm in, hearing that cheerful voice on the other end of the phone lifts my spirits.
  27. Really, really good pizza.
  28. Laughing so hard that you almost pee yourself.
  29. Waiting for your favorite show to come on all week, and it's a great episode.
  30. Getting props for something awesome you did at work.
  31. Learning something new - a new sport, dance, exercise.
  32. Good hair days.
  33. Good eyelash days.
  34. Finding a great new song and maniacally listening to it on repeat all day.
  35. Looking out into the ocean as far as your eyes can see.
  36. Finding the perfect top to match that hard-to-match skirt you bought, but never wore because you had nothing that matched with it.
  37. Jameson Whiskey.
  38. Blowing off some steam with friends at happy hour after work.
  39. Cleaning your apartment and finding something you thought you lost.
  40. Sunlight.
  41. Porches.
  42. The ice cream man.
  43. Pools.
  44. Cocktail parties with people who matter.
  45. Prepping like a maniac for 2 days prior to said cocktail party.
  46. Baking. Everything. Dessert makes people happy, and I enjoy making it.
  47. Photography. Capturing a special moment that is forever frozen in time. You'll be happy you took that photo years from now.
  48. Running outdoors with a nice view.
  49. That black dress that fits your body like a glove.
  50. Getting new makeup. Locking yourself in the bathroom to play with it. Over and over.
  51. The cute bathing suit that you can't wait to wear.
  52. Buying a new house. YES, this is a big one! =)
  53. Playing horse shoes, corn hole, beer pong and all other awesome backyard games.
  54. Being genuinely happy for someone when something good happens to them.
  55. No traffic.
  56. A bold accent wall that brightens up a room.
  57. Theater.
  58. Coworkers who turn into friends.
  59. People with awesome tattoos.
  60. Seeing a really powerful movie that sticks with you and is thought provoking.
  61. Ice hockey. Watching it, playing it, loving it.
  62. Getting a fresh manicure. You can now take on the world.
  63. Mermaids.
  64. Following interesting people on Instagram.
  65. Reminiscing on old fads - pogs, digital pets, temporary tattoos, scrunchies, hair mascara, raccoon inspired eye liner ahhhhhhhh what were we thinking?
  66. Looking at old photos of yourself and being thankful that your awkward stage only lasted a year or two.
  67. A handwritten letter. It goes a long way. I wish people did it more.
  68. A good book. I wish I read more. If I find something great, I can't put it down.
  69. Chunky, mixed metal jewelry.
  70. My beautiful engagement and wedding rings.
  71. Skull inspired art, jewelry, clothing.
  72. 11:11.
  73. Adult sleepovers.
  74. Spritzing on your favorite perfume. Instant mood boost.
  75. Tailored menswear on women. And fedora hats.
  76. Trashy reality television and wine.
  77. Colorful, beautiful spring/summer sandals.
  78. Meeting someone that you know you were meant to meet.
  79. Museums that you actually get something out of. MOMA in NYC is my favorite.
  80. When a text pops up on your phone from your favorite person.
  81. Birthday cards, texts, phone calls and hugs.
  82. Frank Sinatra.
  83. Skyping with far away family and friends.
  84. One hit wonders.
  85. When you wake up with a bounce in your step, and not on the wrong side of the bed. This one is hard for me, but i'm thankful when it happens!
  86. The perfect red lip.
  87. Visiting Pinterest and getting inspiration for home d├ęcor, fashion and crafts. I love seeing what other people come up with.
  88. When the item you wanted to buy was unexpectedly on sale.
  89. Car windows down on the way to the beach.
  90. When your favorite song comes on the radio and you sing it loudly. And horribly.
  91. Buying flowers for your apartment. They make me happy when I look at them.
  92. The last day of school before summer break, or the last day of work before a vacation.
  93. Being in love.
  94. When those pants that used to be just a litttleee too tight are not tight anymore.
  95. Fishing as the sun comes up and the sky is pink.
  96. Fireworks on the 4th of July.
  97. Bacon.
  98. Anything Disney related - the parks, the songs, the characters, everything.
  99. Blondes.
  100. Even if one person reads this and smiles, i'll be happy!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Products I Want to Try - February 2014

Something I like to do once in a while is look on, and other department store websites and see what new beauty products are out there. I'll read some reviews, blogs, etc to decide if they are worth the time and money. I try to pick things that are a little unique, or things that would be useful in my daily makeup routine. So here is my list of things I want to try in the near future, let me know if you guys have any thoughts!

Laura Mercier Perfection Lip Trio
My thoughts: A perfect red lip is something most women hope to achieve. I love that this set comes with the lip pencil, lipstick and lipgloss that all match. Takes a lot of the guesswork out of it!
Benefit Cosmetics - World Famous Neutrals - Most Glamorous Nudes Ever
My thoughts: Everyone loves their go to nudes. I myself was stuck on the Naked 2 palette for a long while. However, I kept going back to 1 or 2 shades that I liked the best and wore the crap out of them. Would be nice to try new nudes. And I like mixing creams and powders.
Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate
My thoughts: I tried a sample of the Black Tea face mask from Sephora and was OBSESSED. But I couldn't bring myself to spend $85 on a face mask. Unfortunately for me, the eye concentrate is also $85 ahhh! Dare to dream.  
Lipstick Queen - Liptropolis Lipstick
My thoughts: I have always heard such rave things about Lipstick Queen lipsticks. I have one of the Lipstick Queen gloss pencils which I LOVE, so trying one of the lipsticks is the next logical step.
Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser
My thoughts: I am ALWAYS looking for new pore minimizing products. I wear one every day around my nose where my pores are the biggest. Right now, i'm using the NARS one. This Maybelline one is a lot cheaper ($6.99) so it's definitely worth a try.
Stila - Magnificient Metal Foil Finish Eye Shadow in Comex Gold
My thoughts: I'm not exactly sure how this works, but God I want to try it. Goldish shadows are usually my go to shade (I have hazel eyes) and this Stila shadow looks amazing. The special primer is supposed to adhere the shadow extra well, and give your eyes a metallic foil finish. Sign me up!
You guys try any of these? I feel like I'm due for some makeup shopping!