Thursday, November 21, 2013

The BEST lash curler ever. You'll Never Guess What Brand It Is!!!

Guys – this eye lash curler will change your damn LIFE. If you want ehh lashes that fall flat for the rest of eternity, the stop reading. If you want kick ass, long and curled lashes that STAY curled, this is your ticket. I have my wonderful mother to thank for this gift.

Between the 2 of us, we have tried multiple brands of lash curlers – everything from Kevyn Aucoin, to Shu Uemura, to Maybelline and so forth. This one trumps them all. And guess what? It’s Sephora brand. Yup. I was surprised too. I sometimes have the unfair feeling that buying a Sephora brand item is like buying the store brand cereal at the supermarket. Sephora has more than proved themselves – this tool is wonderful. It seems to fit the eye area perfectly too. The tool comes in 4 solid colors – pink, blue, purple and green ($17). For $1 extra, my beautiful momma bought me the awesome technicolor one! Everyone needs a lash curler – if it’s cared for and cleaned properly, it will last for a longgg time. Check out the lash height I got this morning!!

Happy shopping!