Friday, December 7, 2012

Tria Hair Removal Laser: Part Three

Hi dolls! Excited that it's Friday more than you will ever know =) So this is my 3rd installment of the Tria Laser and what my experience has been like. Need to catch up? Click below for the first 2 posts:

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I’ve been using the Tria Laser for about 3 months now, and see the significant difference it has made. I shit you not, this thing is the real deal. Before, I was obsessive about shaving my legs each day, especially in the summer. I am now doing it every 3 days. And this is only after 3 months of use. Just a reminder – the Tria Laser is a permanent hair removal laser. As in – NEVER have to shave again after the device has done its job. Thank you Jesus.

 In my previous post, I suggested splitting up the Tria process into a few days. Lower legs one day, upper legs another day, etc so that you aren’t sitting there for hours lasering yourself HAHA. In my experience though, I lost track of what areas I treated on which days. Since you can only treat an area once every 2 weeks, you have to be organized and remember when you did it last. This clearly did not happen for me. I even tried keeping a little calendar (yes, a calendar just for Tria use, I’m a nutcase) but still couldn’t keep organized. Also, life gets in the way – if you were supposed to Tria Thursday night and your friend wants to go to dinner with you, I would hope you would chose the friend and a cocktail over lasering your legs at home. Just sayin.

 I stayed home sick from work yesterday, and just Tria-ed my little heart out. I treated ALL areas in one day and got it over with. Keep in mind – you will not be able to use it on your whole body without charging it. The device takes about 2 hours to fully charge, then you can start over. Perfect opportunity to have a glass of wine and watch crappy television before you begin to torture yourself again.

 Something that I did find interesting though, is that I can now tolerate the laser on a higher setting. When I first started using Tria, my skin could only tolerate the 1 or 2 intensity setting, otherwise it stung. Now that hair is finer, I can do my legs on a 3 or 4 setting which is obviously stronger and more productive. All in all, my experience with Tria has been fantastic. Aside from being a bit uncomfortable and time consuming at times, I would never trade having to shave less and eventually, not at all. When friends told me this device was a great investment, they meant business! Let me know if any of you are interested in getting a Tria – shoot me some questions on this post or on Twitter! Have a great weekend xoxo

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Gift Sets - Which Ones are WORTH IT?

Hi loves! So tis the season - all the beauty gift sets have officially come out of the woodwork! I'm usually not a huge gift set person - often times the set includes a lot of things, but I only use a few things in the set. Totally not worth it, right? So I took a look at the gift sets this season, and decided which ones are great values and worth buying for myself (or a friend!)

What: Ciate Caviar Mini Bar
Why it's worth it: I've been dying to try the Caviar manicure, but was sulking that it was SO expensive. I know myself, and I'll use it once or twice and be tired of it. One pack - the polish and the pearls - is normally $25. This set below - 4 polishes and 4 pearls - is $29! Such an awesome value. Might even be cute to buy this and split it up among your nail-crazy friends as a cute little gift! 

What: Urban Decay Ocho Loco 24/7 Glide on Pencils
Why it's worth it: If you like to switch up your eyeshadow or eye liner color, this set is awesome. For $59, you get 8 liners and a sharpener. This formula stays put, so you know you're getting good quality products (I have a few myself). If you're a black liner only chick, don't waste your time! 

What: Clarisonic® Plus Sonic Skin Cleansing Anti–Aging Radiance Collection
Why it's worth it: Clarisonics are so hot right now. They are also pretty expensive. If you are thinking about making this investment, you should definitely do it during the holidays when there's great sales. This whole set - Clarisonic and 6 skincare items - is $225. More than $100 off the regular price! I know there are different types of Clarisonic, all seem to have some kind of discount for the holiday season. 

What: MAC Limited Edition Holiday Collection Sets 2012
Why it's worth it: I think we can all agree that MAC products kick ass. MAC's Holiday sets this year are unbearably cute!! The eye palettes are especially attractive this year - I love the shades they chose for each kit and the cases are adorable.  The brush kits are always a great value too - $49.50 for 5 brushes. Good for traveling or just throwing them in your bag for work. Love that they made the brush hair pink and green! 

What: Donna Karan Woman
Why it's worth it: This fragrance is my new OBSESSION. It's amazing!! Not only does it smell wonderful, but the bottle is a work of art and will look so pretty on your dresser or vanity. The mini Woman is perfect for on the go days, and is a lot cuter than a stinky old rollerball HA! So this one is worth it to me not because it's a great value, but because it's a unique & sexy scent that I can't get enough of =)

On the flip side, I tend to shy away from fragrance sampler sets and blockbuster makeup sets. I've bought blockbusters before - they are so bulky and take up a ton of room, and it rarely moves from under my sink. Seems like a good idea, but in my opinion not worth it. Same with fragrance samplers - you might find one or two that you like, but you could also test them in the store for free.

What do you guys think? Interested in any of these sets? Find any others that seem worth it? Share! xoxo