Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beautiful Body Paint - Not For the Timid

Body paint has always intrigued me. Not the trashy "oh look, my bathing suit is painted on" body paint, but the real art form. The actual skill that goes into it. I guess you could consider it makeup artistry too, right? I've always wanted to be body painted (without sounding creepy) - because you can transform your entire body into a canvas, versus just your face. So, without further delay, here is some beautiful body paint.

This is Kelly Osbourne?!? If so, whoa!
Gold skin really suits her haha

This one reminds me of flowy water
The lashes are fierce too!

Komodo dragon, anyone?

I love everything about this one

Giselle in full tattoo body paint
Wonder how long that took to do?

So pretty...and trippy

Looks like this one was for runway

En fuego!
I love how her hair blends into the paint at the bottom

OK, if you're weird like me you'll be laughing pretty hard at this
Or just unfollowing me forever...

What's your favorite?!


  1. Soo beautiful! #3, #6, and #8 are my favorites ;)

  2. Haha the fish paint, for sure! So funny.

    Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment on my color-blocking post! Didn't realize I wasn't following you via Google, but I am now! *phew* xx

    -Hallie :)

  3. @witchhazel - thanks!! it's just so cool ha

    @hallie - thank god somebody gets my humor lol. and thanks for following, i'm following yours too woohoo! xo


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