Monday, May 31, 2010

Tarina Tarantino - Cameo Gloss Ring

I finally got one! Always on the hunt for unique pieces, I had to get my hands on a funky and fun Cameo Gloss Ring from Sephora. The one above is the Victorian Punk Gloss Ring and i'm loving it! There are other colors and themes, but I had to get the one with the skull on the front =)

The gloss itself smells very fruity and feels nice & velvety on your lips. But probably my favorite feature is the little mirror inside! How great is it to have a mirror on hand at all times? (no pun intended)

I think it's the perfect piece of jewelry for the summer, and instantly jazzes up your outfit with a little bit of *sparkle*

What do you dolls think? xo

Saturday, May 29, 2010

40 Beauty Questions with Makeup Majesty

Hiii All! Here are 40 beauty questions answered by yours truly. I always like to share different photos on my blog - the above was taken by my beautiful cousin, RJ =) Enjoy, and feel free to re-post. xoxo


How many time do you wash your face daily?

What skin type do you have? (oily, dry, combination)
Oily, and it's very annoying! =/

What is your current facial wash?
Clinique Acne Solutions, I don't use anything else

Do you exfoliate?
Yes, it's important

What brand do you use?
Clinique (yes, againnn) 7 Day Scrub

What moisturizer do you use?
Hmmm take a wild guess lol Clinique

Do you have freckles?

Do you use eye cream?
Yes, just recently started to and love the way it feels. Either Clinique All About Eyes or Estee Lauder

Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
Oh honey don't get me started..

Did you ever have to use Pro Active?
Yes, and I think it sucks


What foundation do you use?
MAC Studio Fix Fluid!

How about concealer?
MAC Studio Sculpt

Do you know your undertone color?

What do you think of false eyelashes?
I think they are so much fun to put on and play with! Makeup should be fun - lashes are a must for a fierce female

Did you know that you are suppose to change your mascara every 3 months?
Yes, and sadly don't abide by this rule =/

What brand of mascara do you use?
Either Diorshow Blackout or my new fav MAC's Opulash

Sephora or MAC?
There is NO way I could EVER chose...I love them both!!

Do you have a MAC Pro Card?

What makeup tools do you use in makeup application?
I use a ton of brushes - basically one brush for each area of the face

Do you use makeup primer/base for the eyes?
Yes, it makes all the difference in my opinion.

For the face?
Either Smashbox Photo Finish Primer or MAC Prep + Prime powder

What is your favorite eyeshadow(color or shade)?
For everyday, I love a good nude shadow. If I want to be funky, I looooove green shadow!

Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?
Neither - I like the felt-tip marker by Smashbox

How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?
Umm, I don't?

What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?
They are tons of fun to play with but are annoying for everyday application in my opinion. The colors are very rich and vibrant if you're going for an intense look

Do you use mineral makeup?

What is your favourite lipstick?
Yikes this is hard. I've been favoring MAC's Chatterbox lipstick lately, but I usually wear a different lipstick or gloss each day.

How about lipgloss?
MAC's Cremesheen in Loud & Lovely

What is your favorite blush to use?
NARS Orgarsm, hands down

Do you buy your makeup up on Ebay?
Nah, not a big Ebayer for anything really

Do you like drugstore makeup?
Some people might shoot me, but i'm more of a luxury cosmetics chick!

Do you go to CCO's(cosmetic company outlets)?
Um yes, and they are AWESOME

Do you ever consider taking up makeup classes?
I have!

Are you clumsy when putting on makeup?
Sometimes, that's what a good makeup remover is for =)

Name a make-up crime that you do?
Hmm this is tough...I hope I don't do a makeup crime! I guess I do use a lot of bronzer during the summer, but only when i'm tan.

Do you like colorful shades of makeup(lipsticks, eyeshadows) or neutral ones?
I like them all! I love experimenting with different shades

Which celebrity always has great makeup?
I like Jennier Aniston's makeup. She always looks fresh & bronzed without looking overdone

If you could leave the house using only ONE make-up. what would you use?
Totally mascara.

Could you ever leave the house with no make-up on?
Yeah, no big deal.

Do you think you look good even with no make-up on?

In your opinion, What is the best make-up line?
Too tough to chose, they all have strengths and weaknesses

What do you think of make-up?
I think it's a beautiful form of self-expression and uniqueness

Summer Sexy - MAC To The Beach

I'm in love with summer makeup. The colors, textures, that sexy bronzing look - I love it all! I also like the fact that "less is more" in the summertime - I completely ditch my foundation and opt for a tinted moisturizer instead. MAC's new collection "To The Beach" hits summer sexy right on the head. I purchased 3 items from this launch - Lipglass in Easy Lounger, Small Eye Shadow in Sweet & Punchy and Eye Liner in Float on By.

Lipglass in Easy Lounger

I'm usually not a huge fan of Lipglass (I know, GASP, right?) The texture is a little too tacky & sticky for me. However, I couldn't resist this gorgeous pink-brown shade. And, as shown in the first photo, it has special sea-horse deco packaging (I have a weird obsession with sea-horses, not really sure why). Therefore, I had to get it! And i'm glad I did. I actually did go "to the beach" today and tested out all my new makeup. This shade looks really beautiful with a tan, and has just the right amount of sparkle and glitter. The sun catches it and it looks really youthful and pretty. Although, I do hate when my hair gets stuck to the lipglass, it's the worst! But I guess that's the price you have to pay for looking your best on the beach =)

Small Eye Shadow in Sweet & Punchy

I love green shadows. I have hazel eyes, so green shadows really bring out the green flecks in my eyes. Sweet & Punchy is a yellowy-green with veluxe pearl. Therefore, it seriously reflecks light and shimmer off your eyes and gives you that hologram-type effect. I love this shade worn by itself with a little mascara (it brightens up the face) or with the Float on By eye liner below. The contrast of the yellow-green and the teal-blue is really funky and fun for summer!

Eye Liner in Float on By

This eye liner is a teal-blue shade. I usually opt for a colored shadow and black liner, but how boringggg can that get? So, I decided to be adventurous and go out of my comfort zone with this liner. And I have to say, it's very cool! I don't think i'll be wearing it every single day, but it's fun to wear once in a while when you want to get creative with your eyes. The pencil itself is soft in texture and really glides well along the top of your lid. The MAC artist in the store told me it lasts a really long time - i've only been wearing it for a few hours so we will see how it wears throughout the day. The packaging is cute too with the coral deco!

Just the Sweet & Punchy eye shadow and some mascara (MAC Opulash)

Sweet & Punchy eye shadow with Float on By eye liner

Easy Lounger Lipglass

Hope everyone is having an amazing Memorial Day Weekend!
xoxo, Makeup Majesty

Friday, May 28, 2010

MAC Times Square - Welcome Weekend!

MAC Times Square is officially welcoming all MAC fans to come and check out their new store! The store has been open for about 2 months now, but they are doing fun events for Memorial Day Weekend and officially opening with a bang!

Models in paper dresses!

46th and Broadway, NY

Press outside the MAC Store

More models with crazy wigs

MAC fans unite and sign their names

DJ booth

Front display

More press



My lashes are OUTRAGEOUSLY long!!! I have been a Diorshow Blackout girl for over a year now, and I have to say that Opulash is my new favorite mascara! And I am VERY picky when it comes to mascaras. There is no denying the evidence! My lashes are thicker and longer than anything else i've used lately (and I try everything).

I put two coats of Opulash on before work, and it's almost 6pm and they are still perfect - no flaking, no raccoon eyes, just super long lashes that make me feel pretty =) I've tried other MAC mascaras before - Plushlash, Zoomfast Black Lash, Pro Longwear, but Opulash takes the cake ladies. It is their newest mascara, and in my opinion, their very very best!

Has anyone else tried Opulash?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hola! Perfumes from Overseas

I love perfumes. I have more bottles than I can count! Whenever one of my friends or family members goes overseas (I live in the US), I always ask them to pick me up a local perfume or makeup item. I love experiencing things from other countries, and comparing them to what I have. My father went on a business trip, and brought me back these treasures from Mexico - two womens and one mens. Enjoy!

Natura - Humor!

I think this bottle is so beautiful! It's so dainty and elegant, it has earned one of the coveted "front" spots in my perfume "display." The scent is fruity and juicy - very sweet and light for daytime in my opinion. It's youthful and pretty, just like the bottle! =)

Natura - Amor America

I think the bottle is different - a cute little teardrop shape. This scent is definitely more...mature. I don't think it was meant for my age, but hey, my dad picked me up a few gifts so i'm not complaining! =) It's very spicey and musky - a nighttime fragrance for sure.

Zermat - Player

My first mens fragrance! I've bought a few mens fragrances for my boyfriend, but this is MY first mens fragrance. OK, so it's STRONG. Like...STRONGGGG. But it smells amazing! I can't explain it very well. It's one of those scents that you have to spray in the air and walk through - quickly! It's very alluring and sexy - sure to make a lasting impression!

What about you? Do you have any treasures from different countries?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Go-To Shadow

Do you have one? That "go-to" eye shadow that never fails? That goes with almost any outfit, plays well with your other makeup...the one you can grab on the way out the door, swipe on with one finger, and catch your bus?

I have one that I have been favoring a lot lately:

Too-Faced - Lockdown Ultimate Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow in Bondage (the Ivory shade)

I know I wrote a previous review on my favorite cream shadows, but lately i've found myself always grabbing for this one. It truly does NOT crease. Like AT ALL. The Ivory shade is just the perfect color for me, and it always brightens the eyes and gives you a pretty look.

What about you chicks? Do you have that go-to shadow? Share with us!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

8th Folder 8th Picture & 12 Question Tag!

The gorgeous and talented Vaida of Cocos And Vanilla has tagged me in this post!

Here is the 8th picture, in the 8th folder on my computer:

To say that i'm in LOVE with this photo is an understatement! (a bit conceded? maybe). This photo is of me in Ford Lauderdale, Florida holding a real baby alligator.

One of my good friends and I decided to get away for a while and take a mini vacation. We went to Florida and one of our stops was the Everglades. At the end of the very amazing fan-boat tour, you were able to hold one of the babies. He was so cute! Her name was Precious, btw.

But the funniest part of this photo was what happened next. Precious was handed off to my friend, and immediately peed on her after I took their picture! My friend and I high-tailed it to the bathroom, where we tried desperately to scrub alligator pee off her pretty white sundress. What are the chances...

Now the 12 Questions!

1.What shoe size are you?

2.Where do you work?
For a pretty big beauty company. Which one is a secret though! =)

3.Favorite piece of clothing you own
Wow, this is tough. I'm very girly with the way I dress, but one of my favorite pieces of clothing is my Motley Crue band t-shirt from one of their concerts. I guess it's more of the feeling I get when I put it on, the rock & roll attitude =)

4.Your favorite blog?
This is tough too! I read so many of my followers' blogs on a daily basis, there is no way I could pick just one! Of course I tend to favor beauty blogs like mine

5.Do you have any pets?
I wish I did! My parents have 2 cats. I have my own apartment now, so I don't have any pets. I wish I had one...but I work a lot and wouldn't want the pet to be lonely

6.How many siblings do you have?
One younger brother, and he's one of my best friends. He reads my blog every time I make a new post and it's about makeup...he's the best! Love you Dido

7.If you could live anywhere where would it be?
Either Italy or California somewhere

8.What were you doing before this?
I went to the beach with my boyfriend, then we went rollerblading! =)

9.Your favorite food?
Penne alla Vodka. I can't help it, i'm so Italian

10.Do you have a middle name?
Mary. It was my grandmother's name <3

11.Your favorite websites?
I've recently become a Twitter addict, which I said I'd never join! I like websites that are mindless and fun, like PerezHilton.

12.Who do you tag?

Makeup Looooooove

Awful Beautiful Disarray

Yummy 411

Krasey Beauty

Hardcore Makeup Junkie

75 Followers, and a Big Kiss!

Wow! I can't believe I already have 75 followers. I've been blogging for only 2 months, and have already received so much love! So here is a big kiss for all of my followers, you guys are the best! I love reading your sites as well, keep the great posts coming!!

Makeup Majesty

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Free Gift With Purchase - by Editor of Lucky Magazine

What a great read! I am always on the look out for great beauty books - I commute to New York for work, and constantly need to entertain myself while on the bus or I will go crazy.

This book is hysterical, honest and sarcastic - Jean Godfrey is the beauty industry's equivalent of Chelsea Handler...minus the vodka and being a bed-hopper. Godfrey is the Beauty Editor of Lucky Magazine, and shares her career journey in a self-deprecating and smart way. She calls bullshit on beauty myths, shares her experiences working for crazy people at Elle Magazine, and brings a real person aspect to a seemingly glamorous job.

A must read, if you are makeup obsessed like I am =)

Harajuku Lovers Lash Necklace

I love this! The day after I do a blog post about being the "Lash Queen," what are the chances that I find this necklace at Macys?! Totally suits me, and totally wearing it to work tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Lash Queen

I am the self-proclaimed Lash Queen! I LOVE lashes. There is just something about them - instant glamour. Old Hollywood glamour, even. You have that...something. That oomph. People can't figure out what it is, but it's just that extra dazzle...the most intriguing woman in the room.

MAC Cosmetics has a wide variety of lashes - all lengths, thicknesses, designs etc. If you care for them properly, you can get up to 3 uses per lash set. If you coat your real lashes and false lashes with mascara, they tend to get funky and therefore unusable a second time.

If you are a lash virgin, I would suggest going to your local drugstore and getting a cheap pair to practice with. If you are an old pro and want to splurge a little - Shu Uemura offers luxury, extravagant, beautiful lashes (each pair is $40):
When applied correctly, lashes can look very natural, if that's what you're going for. You will look like yourself, updated. Lashes are perfect for a nice dinner or night out, weddings, proms or if you are just fabulous and want that extra oomph.

When applied badly, you will look like a street walker at best. Minimal lash glue is key - I like the cheap drug store kind that is grey or black in color. White glue sometimes dries too light and is visible, not good. The closer you get the false lashes to your natural lash line, the better they will look. A little trick is to eliminate the space between natural and false lashes is filling in any gap with some black liner.

Here are my go-to lashes. I tend to favor the "high drama" lashes, what can I say! =)

MAC #35 Lash - Dramatic in length and fullness
MAC #48 Lash - Longer bundles of lashes with flirty fringe
MAC #7 - The most natural looking MAC lash in my opinion, and most peoples' favorite!
What lashes do you ladies use, any favorites? Any other tips you can share? I love hearing from you all!

With Love,
Makeup Majesty

Monday, May 17, 2010

Major Beauty Industry News!



This is very exciting! The Estee Lauder Companies have purchased Smashbox Cosmetics as part of their portfolio, Yahoo Finance and many other sources have confirmed today.

The Estee Lauder Companies own many amazing beauty brands already - Estee Lauder, Clinique, MAC Cosmetics, DKNY, Tom Ford, La Mer, Bobbi Brown, just to name a few. Now, Smashbox Cosmetics will be under the Estee Lauder umbrella.

I think creative and innovative things are in store for us...imagine a Smashbox & MAC collaboration? Brilliant!

I'm in love with the new Smashbox color story - Heartbreaker. It's super girly - pretty pinks and peaches. As reviewed previously, the felt-tip eye liner pen is one of my favorite new products! What Smashbox products do you guys use?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beauty Quote of the Day

"I would rather lose a good earring than be caught without make-up." - Lana Turner

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stila Lip and Cheek Stain

As some of you have read previously on Makeup Majesty, I have been obsessing about trying to find a GOOD lip stain. Too drying, not long-lasting, and all around sub-par stains is what I have found so far. Click here to read previous review here: The Perfect Lip Stain - Is There a Such Thing? )

Now, I mentioned that I was interested in purchasing the Stila Lip and Cheek Stain, but Sephora was out the last time I was shopping (truly horrific, right?) Well, I got one! And I have to say that it's probably the best stain i've tried thus far! The shade I purchased is called Yummy Crush, and it smells amazing!

I like this stain, because it has a creamy texture. It also has a pretty shimmer to it, instead of looking matte and dry like other stains tend to. It lasts a while (through 3 cups of coffee!) and maintains that pretty shimmer and color. I'm happy with this one dolls! I did put it on my cheeks just to try it out, but didn't like how it looked. Plus, I am a NARS Orgrasm Blush type chick, I can't help it!

Does anyone else own one? Or do you have any more lip stain suggestions?

Friday, May 14, 2010


What is it about someone's passing that puts everything else into perspective? Why does it take a tragedy to make someone realize what's "really important?"

The truth is, without this person in the world it will be forever different. Even if it's different for a small group of people...a family, a group of friends, neighbors, pets. The day to day little annoyances seem so...insignificant. Because they are.

In the morning, i'm worrying about my eye liner being uneven. The same afternoon i'm remembering someone's life.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sabrina Guest Writes on Makeup Majesty!

I am SO happy to announce that my very favorite makeup artist, and very close friend Sabrina wrote a very entertaining and adorable product review for Makeup Majesty! I previously interviewed her on my site and got phenom feedback from all of you - Makeup Artist Extraordinaire and she is now guest writing for me! SO, here it goes - enjoy dolls! xoxo, Makeup Majesty

Chainsaws, hammers and nails oh my! Go to any hardware store and it will carry any supply you need for home improvement. But could one buy such a product that will improve one’s skin… make it smooth as a baby’s bottom… rid of all those harsh, flaky, rough patches. Perhaps, a cosmetics counter in the finest department store or at least the local drug store!

Well ladies and gentlemen I present “Grandma’s Old Fashioned Lye Soap”!

“Lye” I gasped, as I stood in my local AIDS Hardware Store and looked down at the pile of pale, white bricks wrapped in cellophane. “Is that even legal to sell?” as I picked up the block pictured with an old clothing wash board.

As I turned it over out of curiosity, I read “good for dry skin, egsima and rosea.” I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Since I can remember my mother embedded in my head that I must cream every day. At six-years-old I was Mary Kay’s youngest customer. (Well, of course my mom would order her cream and we shared.)

It’s a good thing to because when I was being built they forgot to include oil glands to produce any sebum. When I say I am dry… I mean, I am dry… My skin, my hair…dry as a bone, Even my nails are brittle… I can’t even wear contacts because my eyes get so dry with the lenses in them.

So for the 23 years I’ve been on this earth, I’ve spent a good portion of time searching for products to satisfy my needs. I won’t even discuss my hair because that would be a full length feature. But, after all the oils and lotions and “what have ya” I feel like I’ve finally come across a product that not only really does do what it says, but employs itself as a solution to the problem and not just a “minute man” like fix.

“Grandma’s Old Fashioned Lye Soap” has not only accomplished what it said it was going to do but went above and beyond. The large, fragrant-free bar, costing only $6, foams up leaving a satin like film on your skin. And once out of the shower and all toweled off, your skin will feel smooth and look healthy. You will have the advantage of appearing and feeling as though lotion was applied, but get the pleasure of skipping the slimy excess that usually feels uncomfortable.

I most certainly have seen a huge improvement in my skin. It feels soft and I’ve actually stopped using lotion. In fact… my feet were so infested with dry, flaky skin and calluses (attractive I know) that even that has subsided tremendously. I am truly impressed with this soap and I think you will be to.

And if you not dry like me, don’t think this soap isn’t for you. Yes…especially good for sensitive, dry and problematic skin, the pure mild soap is actually great for all types of skin. This bar soap is pure, and does not obtain harsh dyes, fragrance, detergents and other man-made chemicals. It also last twice as long. Ah… something economic and reliable… who would have thought that existed…

Side Bar: “Grandma’s Old Fashioned Lye Soap” can also be used to relieve sunburn, insect bites and poison ivy and oak. AND… it relieves flea problems for our furry little friends!